Tips to Help Planning a Trip for Your Holiday

Are you looking for help planning a trip? In this article, we have several tips you can follow in case this is your first solo traveling. No matter this is a solo traveling or group traveling, the itinerary is an essential thing. It will save you from wasting time during the holiday.

Of course, the main purpose of a holiday is to have fun. The fun will come along if you make a good plan in the first place. Here, we will give you a list to help planning a trip for your holiday.

#1 Choose the destination

When it comes to planning a trip, you should know where to go. This has a lot to do with how much time you have along with people you are traveling with. Make sure you also make a list of things you would like to do even though it is still a rough sketch. On the other hand, you need to write down the time.

#2 Book flights

It is always better to book your flight in advance. We have an article about tips to get a cheaper flight ticket. This will help you a lot if you want to have a cheap holiday and allocate the budget for something else. Feel free to compare the price from several travel portals and airline websites.

#3 Book accommodation

Where will you sleep and spend the night during the holiday? It is very important to book the accommodation right away after you get the flight tickets. This will allow you to have more money for the activity during the holiday.

Several websites will show you the best deal for several places to stay. Feel free to adjust the accommodation with your budget and taste. Comparing the price will allow you to get the best deal.

#4 How to get around

You need to think about how you will get around once you have arrived at the destination. You can rent a car with the driver, rent a motorcycle, use public transportation, and so on. The most important thing is that you know how to get around so you can get the most of your holiday.

#5 Plan the things to see and do

To make the most of your holiday, you better know where and when to go. This will help you to get rid of the lines during peak season. Some attractions and activities are better to book in advance. Feel free to use travel portals for help planning a trip.

Natural Remedies and Ingredients for Healthy Skin

The beauty world was full of high-technology devices and sophisticated ingredients as well. When you handle some common skincare issues, the newer ones are not always better options for you. In some cases, natural and simple ways could be as effective as engineered solutions. Even there are so many health and medical news that can be used as a reference. 

Here some beauty experts share the best ingredients for both worlds, they are science and natural materials that you can check below. 

Coconut oil 

There are some benefits that you can get from coconut oil such as anti-inflammatory agents and hydration. There is also growing science that supports the use of that plant fat as the skin soother in topical use. The recent study shows that coconut oil extract can press some natural inflammatory agents in a body while still making your skin become a better barrier at the same time. Many people love coconut oil products to help fight against itch and dry skin issues. 

Cantella asiatica (gotu kola) 

Gotu kola has its benefit as wound healing. This is also an ancient herb that often called in asian cuisines and was now a part of modern skin cares since its benefits. All chemical materials in a factory can improve the blood supply to injured parts and strengthen your skin. There are many types of research have found that when skin injury in rats was treated with this material, then the sites show a higher healing ability. 

Green tea 

It gives you with anti-aging and sun protection. The relation between drinking green tea and health improvement has been recommended for years, but it also helps you to use the plant of your skin. Well, green tea has a good result in terms of anti-aging and photoprotection advantages. Green tea also has antioxidant agents along with soothing ability to treat your sun-damaged skin and offer you the best ways to address the signs of sun damages as well. 


The benefits are eczema and anti-inflammatory relief. You should know that oatmeal contains the anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory agents were called avenanthramides. It also contains beta-glucans as well. That’s why take a bath with oatmeal is pretty effective for some conditions such as rashes and eczema. Keep in mind that not all oatmeals were made the same or equally. You blend it with water to make a paste. Check some health and medical news.

What Is in Style For Women In 2020

Like the fashion tradition in general, at the end of the year, there will certainly be a variety of fashion weeks, to show the prediction of what is in style styles and colors that will be famous in 2020. In some grand fashion shows, it does display a lot of new styles and colors that will be used as the main points in style experiments in 2020.

At the end of 2019, it turns out that we have also been able to see these predictions, including among other models of clothing, styles, and patterns that will develop. Are you curious? Let’s look at the following article.

Various styles for denim

Are you the one who idolizes denim? If so, then 2020 will be your year! It is not because the world designers have determined denim to be one of the clothing materials that will be changed and used various styles in it. For example, the style of a dress with a form of a skirt that has levels. Denim is expected to be suitable if it fills the outside. The impression will be so fresh but still suitable for use as a casual everyday outfit.

Not only that, but what is in style in denim is also expected to be suitable for use in a more chicky model, for example just as it is combined with some contrasting and bold colors, to then produce a new fashion alloy. Also, for a retro atmosphere, which usually relies on a combination of colors such as brown or ash and black.

Lingerie and sexiness

Besides denim, it turns out that a lot of talk about the latest fashion is about lingerie. As you know, lingerie is one of the typical clothes for women. The aim is to show the feminine sides that are sexy. That’s why lingerie design is something that continues to be explored every year, to find something new and not monotonous. It turns out that in 2020 lingerie will also be the one that is predicted to have many new designs.

For example, a style with several color combinations in one lingerie. Usually, lingerie is always identical with colors that have just one tone, but what if you try to use several color tones in one, the same lingerie? The colors are sweet and calm, but you can also try bold and contrasty ones. How the results?

So that’s two what is in style for women’s styles that are expected to become hits in 2020. For those of denim lovers or those who have lingerie collections, you will be very eagerly awaiting the turn of 2020!

Animal Reproductive System

animal reproduction science will show us that even in the animal kingdom, various reproductive systems can be found in different animals. People can find the similarities between some animals but we can be surprised by the unique reproductive system in the animal kingdom. We can learn further that the vertebrates commonly have a similarity in their reproductive system. More varieties can be found in the invertebrates animals after all.


In animal reproduction science especially for vertebrates, their reproductive system shares the same key elements. All vertebrates have gonads or organs that can produce gamete. The gonads in the female will be delivered to the opening through oviducts. The opening can be found on the outside of the body. Most vertebrate female openings are cloaca but some unique pores can also be found as opening such as intromittent organ or vagina.

Most reproductive systems in mammals are quite similar. However, people can find specific differences between humans and non-human mammal’s reproductive system. The unique reproductive system can be found in marsupials that have two vaginae and two-pronged penis. One thing for sure, uterus and vagina are kind of unique reproductive systems in mammals but we cannot find the same reproductive systems in fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds. Both male and female birds have cloaca as the opening of their reproductive system. Almost all reptiles are sexually dimorphic. They have cloaca that becomes the opening for internal fertilization that is exhibited by reptiles. External egg fertilization can be found in most amphibians. The reproductive strategies of fish are varied widely. However, mostly the fishes have an external fertilization system and they are oviparous. Most of them are also sexually dimorphic although some of them are unisexual or hermaphroditic.


More diversity can be found in the invertebrates’ reproductive system. If there is a common thing that can be found in invertebrates is that they all lay eggs. Almost all of the invertebrates are hermaphroditic. Moreover, they are also exhibiting external fertilization. However, arthropods and cephalopods do not have this kind of reproductive system. Most cephalopods have a semi-internal type of fertilization, unlike the other common invertebrates’ reproductive system. The oviparous reproductive system can be found in most insects. It means that they lay eggs. Meanwhile, arachnids come with one gonad or two and the gonad is located in their abdomen. On the second abdominal segment underside, we can find the genital opening of the arachnids. Every phylum in the animal kingdom has a unique reproductive system that can be an interesting part of animal reproduction science.