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10 Amazing Money Saving Tips For Students

Money is always an issue for students, and the current economic
climate is making it more difficult.  See how you can save
money, and still have a great time at university with these 10

1. Living close to both to university and town, or where
the shops and nightlife are, means that you can save money by
not needing to get a bus or a taxi every day to go to lectures,
or when you’ve been shopping or had an evening out. If you are
going to use public transport, you might be able to get special
discounts on bus, rail or tram tickets.  Why not find

2. By buying second hand books you’ll save a lot of money
compared to buying them new.  Some books will only be
required for a short time, and so won’t represent good value
for money.  As well as local and university book shops,
don’t forget that you can often find the books you need on
online auction sites, or in local classified adverts.

3. Nights out are expensive, but a night in, or at a
friend’s house can be a lot cheaper and just as much fun. 
Why not take it in turns to provide the food or entertainment
such as music or video games. 

4. Don’t feel that you have to buy all the latest clothes,
CDs video games and so on.  Nobody will really be
impressed, and surely there are more important things to spend
your money on?

5. If you learn to cook before you go to university, you
won’t have to rely on takeaway food, which is very expensive
compared to buying the ingredients and cooking for
yourself.  Even if you only manage to cook very basic
meals, you’ll save money, and have learnt a really useful
skill. You’ll be able to use this to your advantage, as people
will want you to cook for them.

6. Don’t forget to make the most of student discounts and
offers.  Perhaps you might need to change your
supermarket, or go to a different clothes shop, pub or
bookshop, but you’ll save money. 

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7. Remember that your money has to last longer than the
first month, so learn to budget.  Perhaps you can work out
your budget before you start, so that you’ll know how much
money a week, or a day you’ll have to spend. 

8. If you can manage without it, don’t run a car. 
Tax, petrol, insurance and maintenance are all very expensive
for a student.  You’ll also be cajoled into giving people
lifts, and helping people to move stuff around and drive them
home when they’ve bought too much from the supermarket!. 
However, you might find somebody who does have a car that will
help you if you need a lift.

9. You can save more money, by getting your bike out of
the garage and using that instead of a car, bus or taxi. 
As long as it’s roadworthy, and has lights, you don’t need
anything else.  It’s worth getting a helmet though, and if
you’re planning to ride it a lot, you may benefit from
dedicated cycling clothing to make your journeys more
comfortable and faster.

10. Save as much money as you can before you start
university, or try and get a job once you’re there. 
Having additional money will mean that you aren’t quite as
anxious about spending it, and are less likely to run out of
money part way through the term.  Why not see if you can
work during the holiday periods too?

Now you know more ways to save money, why not get started now,
by getting your bike sorted out and dusting off a couple of
cookery books?

By learning to cook for yourself, you’ll eat more healthily
and save a fortune on takeaway meals. Why not save even more
money by choosing a Student Value Kitchen Pack? Whilst you’re
there, why not discover the full range of Kitchen Equipment
cookware you’ll need whilst at University.

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