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10 Great Weight Loss Foods

Usually when you start looking for things to eat while trying
to lose weight you will find plenty of lists telling you what
not to eat, but very little about what you should be
eating.  For those of you who have no idea what you can
and should eat, here is a short list of weight loss foods to
get you started.

1. Meat – Not just any meat, by the
way.  Grass-fed meat.  Grass-fed meat is leaner than
grain lot fed meat and it contains high levels of Omega-3 fatty
acid.  The same cattle that is better for the environment
is better for your internal environment too with lower levels
of fat, cholesterol and saturated fat than conventional
2. Quinoa – Not everyone has heard of
this wonder grain–actually it is a seed.  Quinoa is a
complete protein in a little packet.  Easy to prepare, it
offers plenty of magnesium, fiber, manganese and copper as well
as a pleasant crunch.  It is also gluten free, an
important factor for some.
3. Berries – Each berry has a different
set of nutrients and antioxidants.  You can never go wrong
eating organic berries.  They are the best sweetened
weight loss foods you can have!  They provide a healthy
dose of vitamins and minerals, add a touch of sweetness to many
foods and are available in dozens of varieties.  When the
berry season ends, you can find them frozen in the freezer
4. Brown Rice – Those who eat brown rice
find that they better control their blood sugar level. 
Containing a significant amount of fiber as well as minerals
and B vitamins.  Brown rice can help in reducing elevated
cholesterol levels and contains chemicals that help prevent the
development of certain cancers.
5. Whole eggs – Only organic whole eggs
should be part of your diet plans.  Eggs have choline that
helps to protect your brain.  They contain lutein that
promotes good eye health.  High quality protein and
naturally occurring vitamin D help round out some of the
benefits associated with eggs.
6. Dark Leafy Greens – All sorts of
greens offer benefits to a healthy diet, especially when trying
to lose weight.  Aside from having plenty of calcium and
vitamin K – essential for blood clotting and instrumental in
preventing osteoporosis.  Greens offer fiber and are easy
to incorporate in a variety of dishes.
7. Fish – Wild-caught fish offer healthy
lean protein and omega-3 fatty acid.  Oily fish are prime
sources of DHA and EPA which are powerful agents in lowering
cholesterol and supporting brain function.  If you choose
shellfish you will get plenty of B vitamins, vitamin E and
zinc, selenium and potassium.
8. Olive Oil – Plenty of studies have
demonstrated the benefits of olive oil.  Fat is an
essential part of your diet, even when you are trying to lose
weight.  In fact, some fats, such as those in olive oil
and coconut oil, actually promote weight loss by encouraging
the burning of fats for energy.
9. Oatmeal – Oatmeal is one of the best
foods you can add to a weight loss program.  Oatmeal will
help you lower your cholesterol level.  It is quick and
convenient and the fiber will keep you filling full for hours
while it reduces your chances of developing colon cancer. 
Steel-cut, non-instant oatmeal is one of the best weight loss
10. Raw Nuts – Almonds in particular, but
walnuts, pecans, pistachios and cashews are all nuts that taste
great raw.  In addition to having heart-healthy fats,
protein and a number of minerals and vitamins, they are easy to
carry when you head out.  Nuts offer protections against
brain degeneration, heart attack and macular degeneration.

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Just sticking to these 10 weight loss foods is great, but of
course there are plenty of other foods that will help you feel
great and lose weight.  Now that you know what you can
eat, you should be encouraged that you will be able to lose the
weight you want to lose, without day after boring day of
so-called diet foods.

If you feel that it is time for you to get beyond dieting,
then it is time to learn how to eat for life.  Find out
which weight loss foods work and which don’t. at

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