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10 Sales Skills – Coaching Salespeople to Make a Long-Term Relevant Impact

Do your salespeople OPEN long-term relationships with new customers, or do they CLOSE them and move on? Do they receive referrals from new customers? How do people rank your company based on the quality of service DURING the sales process?

Salespeople remain relevant to a buyer depending upon how well they practice the consultative sales process. In theory, a sales conversation “can be” 100% relevant if the steps below are practiced perfectly.

But, just like those of us who understand championship athletics – as players or fans – that’s why we practice in sports and in sales… to keep striving for greatness.

How does a salesperson remain relevant? By…


1. Adapting to a person’s buying style… socialite, dynamo, or thinker. Socializing with those who need to feel themselves into a purchase, moving quickly and confidently for dynamo personalities who only need to know that you can get a few things done quickly and efficiently, and finally giving rational reasons and proof for those who think carefully about purchases.


2. Asking great questions to understand a person’s situation: their needs and problems relevant to their product or service.

3. Paraphrasing, understanding, taking notes, and summarizing as you “sincerely” listen.

4. Getting the customer to describe the impact of their needs and problems – financially and/or emotionally.


5. Showing only those products or services that fulfill a person’s described wants or needs.

6. Showing only those features and benefits that are important to a person

7. Explaining how the negative impact will be replaced by a positive impact: the new emotions or better financial numbers.

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8. Checking for feedback as we advise – answering questions, or providing solutions to fears or concerns about our advice.

Finishing and Following Up…

9. Helping them make a decision and “opening up a long term customer relationship.”

10. Following up to make sure that the new customer is satisfied or following up to help with the use of the product(s) or service(s) purchased.

These steps and others help the salesperson remain relevant during and after the sale.

The sales teams, that great managers coach, struggle to get better at making the buying process comfortable for the buyer.

It’s a guess, but I estimate that less than 1/4 of most sales experiences are relevant to the buyer in today’s marketplace. The buyer fights to be adapted to, listened to, and cared about during and after the sale.

But, you’re different. You want to learn, use, and even coach sales skills and attitudes that make things better. You want to build lasting relationships and repeat business. You want your brand emotionally tied, in a great way, to the hearts of those you serve. So, go do it. Make a difference. You can. Many of you are. Lance.

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