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15 Reasons Why Tequila Is Actually Really F*cking Good For You

15 Reasons Why Tequila Is Actually Really F*cking Good For You
There is no doubt that when people to like its tequila, really
they love it. When it comes to this spirit of choice, really no
boundaries or limitations.

As the campaign Pringles so eloquently, “Once you pop, the fun
does not stop.”

You know that the group of friends who can never decide what
type of round to buy at the bar? These people spend time
arguing with Jameson, vodka and fireball.

But do you know the suggestion that the F shut up? So is -.

I mean, people went as far as creating
fried tequila
really drunk. You see people you do with
vodka? I do not think so.

So get ready to open your eyes to the benefits of tequila, some
of which even thought it might be possible.

1. This helps reduce blood sugar

How exactly is this possible? Thus agavina, a sugar that comes
from the agave plant used to produce tequila, triggers insulin
production and therefore reduces blood sugar.

We can thank our friends in the
American Chemical Society
for it.

2. It helps in weight loss

Yes, you heard me correctly; there are certain components in
the tequila that can help you lose weight. In other tests
conducted by the AEC, tequila helped overweight mice to lose a
significant amount of pounds.

3. You will not find surf

You may disagree quickly, but we are not talking about that sh
* tty most watered down tequila people are used to. Rather, we
are talking about true 100 percent pure agave.

Try to take this instead and see if that headache becomes a
thing of the past.

4. You can drink directly without wanting to vomit

Have you ever tried to pull back straight shots of vodka?
Chances are they’ll come right up.

When it comes to tequila, you can be sure that it will be
smooth sailing in the throat.

5. This helps fight cholesterol

OK, let’s get scientific for a moment. Increasing fiber in the
diet helps in reducing cholesterol levels.

Like fiber, agavins reduce blood triglyceride and cholesterol
levels as determined by researchers in
Plant foods for human nutrition

6. Tequila can be used to help treat colds

Back in the 1930s, doctors in
used to promote this mix of tequila to combat the
common cold: white oftequila 0.5 oz; 0.5 oz agave nectar; 0.5
oz fresh lemon juice.

7. Helps relieve pain

Tequila has been
to dilate blood vessels, it results in better
blood flow, minimizing pain levels. When it comes to emotional
pain, you can bet that tequila is the remedy for that too.

8. It can serve as a “drug delivery system”

mean? OK, so basically when drugs are taken acid in the
stomach typically decompose before they can hit their

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Why is this a problem? Because it decreases the drug’s
effectiveness. Tequila serves as a protective barrier of these
drugs as they make their way into your system.

9. Diabetics can enjoy too

The high amount of sugar present in alcohol is posing a problem
for diabetics. The thing with tequila, however, is that it has
significantly less sugar; therefore have much less impact on
blood sugar.

10. You look like a fucking tough guy on the first

How many times women worry about what to order at the first
date? I only know this because I have had countless
conversations with friends about whether or not it is
appropriate to order anything but wine.

The answer? Sort tequila and stand out from the crowd. Make a
lasting impression because you can be sure that you always be
remembered as the girl who ordered the tequila on the rocks on
their first date.

11. It will not make you feel as fat as vodka and

Raise your glass and greetings to this because the tequila
helps regulate fat absorption in your intestines! And when it
comes to alcohol, everyone knows the number of drinkers detest

12. You do not have to waste your calories on a

One of the best parts of ripping shots of tequila is that it
needs to pursue with sodium.

Honestly, you really do not need even a hunter because the
taste of tequila that is good, but if you can not really stand
it, there is always limes!

13. Everyone respects a person who is wrapped with a
bottle of tequila to a pre-game

There are always those people who they insist on bringing a
bottle of the fireball all the pre-game going to and the word
we use to describe these people is :. Basic

A single individual busts out of tequila and really start the

14. The colon is cleaned in a different way than you

Referring to the points found in eight
Researchers at the University of Mexico in Guadalajara

claim that the blue agave in tequila helps deliver drugs to the
colon, helping to treat diseases such as disease, colitis, IBS
and even cancer Crohn’s.

15. You will chill out and helps you sleep

Everyone knows tequila and relaxation go hand in hand. No need
to drink too much … one or two shots will.

The next time you can not sleep, try drinking some Don Julio.

By Ashley fern, EliteDaily


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