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3 Day Cardiac Diet

The 3 day cardiac Diet originated from a hospital in
Birmingham, Alabama which is also known as the Birmingham
Hospital Diet. The system was developed for patients who needed
to lose 10 kg of weight quickly.

This diet became known under different names, such as the diet
of tuna,the Baptist Hospital 3 Day Diet, the Navy 3 day Diet,
the Army Diet, the Alabama 3 Day Diet and more.

In summary, the program has heart monitoring devices for
breakfast, lunch and dinner for three consecutive days. Daily
calorie intake is around 1,000 calories, so weight loss is
probably caused by the reduction of calories, although some
argue that the weight loss is due to the other chemical
reactions involved.

For the plan to achieve results, it is important that the level
of hydration is maintained by drinking plenty of water. This
supports digestion as well.

An important source of protein is needed for the 3 days as well
as a cardiovascular monitoring equipment. Half a cup of tuna is
consumed in the first two days which is increased to 1 cup in
the last day. Bread, small portions of vegetables, grapefruit,
banana, cheese, eggs, biscuits and toast could be variations in
their meals. Coffee or tea is allowed as well.

Enough food is given to the participants so they they would not
feel extreme pangs of hunger and reduced energy levels,
although they might feel a tinge of fatigue. Vitamins and
minerals are also recommended as an additional source of

With only three small meals a day, your body may begin to
recognize that only a small supply of food is available and
begin to compensate through the reduction of fat to create
enough energy to maintain the body’s system. Therefore, it is
easier to lose weight but it comes with a little feeling of

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It is a program that offers more variety in protein, fats,
carbohydrates and other nutrients which your body needs. It is
also easy to follow the plan, which makes it more enjoyable.

It is suitable as a quick weight loss plan that offers a
balanced and healthy diet using a unique technique called
calorie shifting.

After 3 days, heart monitoring devices are used to check the
duration of benefits and weight loss with a number of risks to
health and physical stress. The diet is not a long-term weight
loss plan, which may be offset by food binging results when you
go back to normal. A better method would be to attach to it a
diet that is more likely to enhance its fat loss program which
allows for sustained long term weight loss, allowing you to
have a thinner, trimmer and more attractive body.

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