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3 Easy Steps To German Shepherd Puppy Training

German Shepherd puppy training is easy if you know how. For example the “come-fore” teaches your dog to sit and face you. To teach your dog to do this keep your lead slack when teaching. First issue a firm “Front!” and then walk backward. Also, don’t move the position of your hands on the lead. As the dog moves towards you gather the lead and coax him to come in close. Now while holding the lead tight issue a firm command to “Sit!” Praise your German Shepherd as soon as he does this, give him a treat and issue the command “Stay.” Step back again to heel position. Do this without circling or moving around your dog.

Now, walk backward and keep your lead slack. Issue the command “Front!” Remember not to pull your dog around on a tight lead. The lead is mainly used to get the dog close and make him sit in front of you. Next, step back to heel position and issue command “Front!” Remember, the dog does the turning! All you do is walk backward two or three steps. When your dog turns around, gather the lead up and prompt him to sit. Praise at once. Give him a treat or pat him.

Remember to stand up straight and not to lean forward towards your dog. Hold your hands low and close to your body. Pull the lead in to make the dog sit. Train your German Shepherd to sit straight and squarely on both hips. Hold the leash tight and gently cuff him on whichever hip is out of line. This exercise is important as every obedience exercise includes the “come-fore” position. Therefore, it is important that the German Shepherd puppy training is done correctly at the very beginning else, your dog will get into habit of doing sloppy work.

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