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3 Ways To Fight Dog Boredom This Summer Season

When the sun is out, our pets suffer from the heat twice than we do because of their thick fur. They also can’t go out to play when the sun is high because there is a risk of dehydration and the sidewalks and pavements are too hot to walk on that their paws might get burned. This is a typical scenario for our furry friends during the summer season. Because of this, they have to stay inside more often and boredom can strike easily.

Keep your pooch active and entertained during the hot season with these simple tips:

Change your daily routine

As much as canines hate changes in their daily routine, your pet will thank you for this one. Just for the entire summer season, avoid the heat as much as possible by taking your dog out on a walk early in the morning or at night when it’s typically cooler compared to the rest of the day. Don’t skip your dog walks (especially when it’s part of your daily routine) because it’s a much needed release of energy for your pooch. It’s also something he could look forward to. Otherwise, he can release his energy in a different way if bored around the house like barking or destroying things.

Keep his mind active

Mental stimulation is just as important as physical activity. It’s a great way to keep your pooch occupied indoors. When it’s too hot to go outside, find the time to teach your pet a new trick or to refresh him with previous obedience lessons that he needs to be reminded of. Don’t forget to give treats when he participates and show good behavior. Spending time with your dog indoors also serves as quality time between the both of you and it assures your dog that you’re there for him.

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Play games

Dogs love to spend time with you and play games. Keep him active and occupied for a while by playing even a simple game of hide and seek. Another great way for him to enjoy the summer indoors to have play dates with other dogs. Have your friends’ pets come over to play – just provide a few toys, some treats and water and they’ll be busy for hours on end.

Follow these 3 easy and simple ways to fight dog boredom this summer season and you and your dog will both have a blast!

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