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5 skin-whitening orange facial masks : Skin lightening tips using oranges

Women try many things to get fairer and flawless -looking skin.
For want of getting fair and spotless skin, women start using
many chemical laden and costly facial creams on the face which
 in the long run can ruin your skin  texture.You need
not burn thousands on cosmetic products, instead you can get
fair and glowing skin easily with the help of a tangy fruit,
orange which is answer to all your beauty woes. Orange has
loads of beauty benefits to make your skin fair and radiant.
Read on to know how to whip up some amazing homemade skin
lightening masks using oranges. Mentioned below are the best
skin-whitening home remedies using oranges in your beauty
applications. Find out how to get fair complexion with oranges.

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Skin whitening tips using oranges

1. Scrub a slice of orange on your face

All you need is a slice of orange and scrub on your face and
let it stay on your face for 15 minutes. Then wash it off
with cold water. This simple recipes helps tone and refresh
your skin in a jiffy. Bursting with  the power of
vitamin C, which is well known for skin lightening, orange
can make your skin fairer and glowing naturally. You can
apply orange juice on your face to get excellent fairness
results. Moreover, this beauty tip helps to shrink and
tighten enlarged pores. Best beauty tip for oily skin.

2. Orange peel powder and curd skin-whitening facial

Not only orange fruit, orange peels are extremely effective
beauty aid in improving your complexion and skin health.
 Dry up orange peels in the sun and grind them to fine
powder. Mix this powder with either milk or curd and spread
 this face mask  all over your face.  Keep
this homemade fairness face pack on for 20 minutes, then
rinse it off.  For getting rid of facial blemishes, use
this recipe daily. Good for all skin types. Check out

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3. Orange juice, lemon juice and sugar natural fairness

Mix 2 spoons of lemon juice, 2 spoons of orange
juice with one spoon of sugar. Rub this resultant mix on your
face gently to remove dead skin cells and reveal fresh skin
on the outer surface. Rub till sugar granules dissolve
completely. Thereafter wash off with cold water. Loaded with
the goodness of AHA,(alpha hydroxy acids) orange can whiten
your skin significantly with regular use of this herbal
remedy.  How to remove dark circles in just 7

4. Orange pulp, saffron and turmeric homemade fairness
face pack

Grind 4 slices of oranges in a mixer grinder to get a smooth
paste. Then add half a spoon of turmeric and a pinch of
saffron to this orange pulp. Apply the preparation on your
face and leave it on for 20 minutes. Use this ayurvedic home
remedy thrice a week to get fair skin the natural way. Opt
for oily skin.

Orange juice, coconut oil and honey skin-whitening

Being rich in citric acids, orange juice works miracle in
lightening your skin. Mix 3 spoons of orange juice, one spoon
of honey and one spoon of coconut oil and apply on your skin
everyday. This fairness treatment is apt for combination and
normal skin.

By now, you are aware of the best 5 skin whitening facial
masks using oranges. Why are you waiting? It is time to
follow these recipes  right now. Be all set to flaunt a
fair and glowing skin to the whole world.

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