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5 Ways To Take Care of Your Lymphatic System

5 Ways To Take Care of Your Lymphatic
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5 Ways To Take Care of Your Lymphatic System

Do you know what your lymphatic system does?
Your lymphatic system carries fluid that helps flush
out pollutants and toxins in your body!

Without a functional, strong lymphatic
, your body is vulnerable to lymph node swelling,
excessive fluid buildup, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and many other
damaging lymphatic disorders.

You know it’s important to be healthy… but do
you know why? Learning about the essential functions and
processes in your body can help give you the determination to
stay healthy!

In order to strengthen your lymphatic system,
you should start (or continue) to do the

1. Exercise

Getting your heart rate up and your blood flowing
will promote a strong lymphatic system. If you don’t
have time to go to the gym regularly, don’t worry! Simply
going for a walk, jumping on a mini trampoline or even
stretching for 15 minutes a day will do wonders for your
lymphatic system!

2. Stay hydrated

I don’t mean drink when you’re thirsty, I mean try
and drink regularly enough that you never get to the point of

If you’re thirsty, you’re already

Important tip: Cut juice, pop, and
power drinks out of your diet! Every time you’re thirsty
reach for water! If you get bored of water then add lemon, or
tea bags. When you drink juice, pop, and other sugary drinks,
you are making more work for your lymphatic system
because there are more toxins to flush out of your

3. Breathing practices

In with the good and out with the bad… and I mean
this literally! Your lymphatic system depends on the
pumping motion of your breathing to get its necessary job
done. When you have a minute to sit down, stretch and focus
entirely on your breathing.

Whenever I go on a walk I pick a nice, peaceful
destination and simply sit and breathe. It might make you
impatient at first, but start at 30 seconds of breathing and
work your way up to 5-10 minutes of deep breathing

4. Hungry? Make fruit your first choice!

Not only are fruits high in vitamins, they’re also
great for energy levels because they are complex
carbohydrates. Ingesting fruits gives you more energy, that
lasts longer, which allows you to do all the activities that
lead to a healthy, active lifestyle.

5. Get a relaxing massage

A massage can promote better circulation of your
lymphatic fluid, which allows your lymphatic
to run more effectively… and hey, it’s a
massage! Why not treat yourself every once in a

By strengthening your circulation, trapped
toxins in your body will eventually leave your

Remember, It has to be a gentle massage. Rough
massages aimed at tight muscles won’t always have the
same effect on your lymphatic system. Try a lymph
drainage massage, which is specifically designed to improve
the circulation of your lymphatic

A strong lymphatic system makes for a healthy
toxin-free body and it is a necessary step in leading a
healthy, pain free lifestyle!


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