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6 beauty and skin benefits of camphor : How to use camphor in your beauty applications

Camphor for beauty uses? Does it sound strange? but it is true
that camphor has many uses for skin care. Well known for its
healing and anti-bacterial properties, camphor can go a long
way in treating a host of skin ailments. Here is presenting
 the best 6 beauty and skin care benefits of camphor. Read
on to know how to use camphor in your beauty applications.

1.Camphor for treating acne and pimples

 Camphor is a boon to acne and pimple -prone skin, thanks
to its anti-bacterial  properties that make your skin less
vulnerable to skin irritation, redness,  itchiness and
minor cuts. Just add a pinch a camphor to water and apply on
your skin and  say good bye to all skin problems and get a
problem-free skin. Check out
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2.Camphor for fading pimple marks

You can make an amazing face mask for treating acne-scars and
pimple marks. Whip up an acne and pimple control  facial
mask at home – mix  2 spoons of fuller’s earth,  some
rose water,  half spoon of clove powder and a pinch of
camphor. Make a thick mask out of these ingredients and dab on
your face for 30 minutes before washing it off with ice cold
water. This face mask can get you rid of  pimples and acne
excellently and it will lighten your acne scars/pimple marks if
used  on a regular basis. What is more,  this
homemade recipe cam make your skin fairer, clearer and spotless
 naturally.  How
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3. Camphor and rose water skin toner

Just add  a pinch of camphor to the bottle of rose water
and wipe clean your face several times a day with this
solution. You can ever add few drops of mint juice to this
solution to enhance its efficacy. Those suffering from pimple
and acne can use this toner on a regular basis. So much so,
this homemade skin toner can make your skin fairer
dramatically, on a continuous use. Check out
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4.Camphor for shrinking open and large pores

For minimizing the size of skin pores, camphor is of great
help. Just rustle up a magical face pack  with camphor for
shrinking open and enlarged pores on your skin. Here is a how
you can make it. Add a pinch of camphor to one spoon of honey
and one spoon of brandy and  apply on your face and keep
it on for 20 minutes. Use this beauty tip daily for best

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5.Camphor powder for healthy and blemish free skin

You can make a face pack with 2 spoons of besan(gram flour) and
2 spoons of wheat flour, one spoon of fenugreek powder,one
spoon of fenugreek powder, one spoon  of camphor powder,
 one spoon of orange peel powder, one spoon of tomato
juice, lemon juice and one spoon of yogurt each. Mix all
ingredients and apply on your face. Keep it on your face for
some time and then scrub a little while removing this mask.
 The result : clear, healthy and flawless skin. This
herbal and natural home remedy is very beneficial in removing
pesky blackheads and whiteheads effectively.  Use
sandalwood face masks to instant fair skin

6.Camphor powder for fair skin

Take both sides of bread and mix them with  one stalk of
sandalwood, few strands of saffron and few drop of almond oil
in milk cream. Grind all ingredients very well and then put
this mixture in muslin cloth and rub on your skin gently. This
process will make your skin fairer and brighter.

 By now you are well aware of top  6 beauty and skin
benefits of camphor. So use them and get set to say good bye to
all your skin problem right away!

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