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6 Top Benefits & Uses of Marjoram For Health, Skin & Hair (Sweet Marjoram | Origanum Majorana)

How I love this grass! I
think it’s because I’ve gotten used to it from my young age
and have positive thoughts associated with it. There are many
varieties of marjoram and marjoram I’m talking about is
Origanum Majorana. It is called Maruvu in Tamil, Marwa in
Hindi, Bengali and Urdu Murru Maru. It is also known as sweet
marjoram or knotted marjoram in English. Here in Tamil Nadu
Maruvu we used to tie wreaths and combination of jasmine
flowers and Maruvu is very famous. I love, love to keep this
combination in my hair and the smell takes us to a place and
different time. This habit of mixing jasmine and marjoram has
been done for many years and I think there’s a reason that
women were encouraged to keep these garlands. The amazing
smell of marjoram calm, even more turbulent mind and senses.
However, marjoram has wide applications used in garlands and
in my personal opinion that we are not using this herb to its
full potential. Even dried marjoram has amazing health
benefits as fresh marjoram plant. Marjoram is widely used in
prayers and rituals here in India. In many countries,
marjoram is used in the kitchen, but rarely used for cooking
in India. marjoram variety of treats diseases of cold sleep
disorders and digestive problems. The smell of Maruvu |
Marjoram is one of the most relaxing ever! When I smelled
before bedtime reduces snoring even as they open the nasal
passages more. The best thing about this herb is that it is
very cheap available and if dried and stored well, can be
used throughout the year. Here in Tamil Nadu you can get
marjoram if you visit any flower shop, because every day make
garlands with him. But if you do not get fresh flowers you
can grow your own, all you need is a small pot and grows very
quickly. You can also use dried marjoram or marjoram
essential oil is commonly sold everywhere.

1. Marjoram for

Marjoram, as I mentioned
before effectively prevents snoring. To use marjoram as a
home remedy for sleep, smelling marjoram essential oil right
before bedtime. Taking a suction marjoram oil it is said to
greatly reduce snoring. You can also try this blend of blend
of essential oils to make an effective home remedy for
snoring: Take about 10 drops of lavender essential oil and 10
drops of essential oil of oregano in a small glass bottle.
You can add a spray of essential oil and place it in the
bedroom an hour before bedtime or just before bedtime

2. Marjoram for the
relief of headache:

Marjoram is very helpful in
relieving inflammation and can be used to relieve pain from
tooth infections, arthritis, headaches and other pain. To use
it for headache relief marjoram tea boiling up dry leaves in
water until it is reduced by half and sweeten with honey.
This tea also relieves one of the nerve pain, cold head and
respiratory related problems. As this herb is very aromatic,
a little goes a long way.

3. Marjoram For High
Blood Pressure:

a study conducted on the effect of marjoram
for high blood pressure showed that blood pressure
significantly reduced when marjoram was used. The best way to
use marjoram blood pressure is used as a massage oil. When
used as a massage oil, always use base oils and the best base
oils Unrefined oils are cold pressed. Use about 15 drops of
oregano oil for a cup of base oil. A good massage with this
oil is the best way to eliminate stress and is not blood
pressure is reduced 🙂

4. Marjoram by a

the best way to use marjoram
for sleep is making sleeping pillows. sleep pillows are very
effective and is a fun thing to do at home that gives amazing
results, these also make great gifts project. To make the
shadow sleep pillows to dry completely dried marjoram and
fill in cloth bags preferably as pure cotton muslin bags to
leave out the best smell. Stitches small bags out of pure
cotton for the manufacture of these pillows sleep or you can
even buy it. If the herbs are dried completely, it really
last long. You can also use marjoram and mix of lavender
essential oil also mentioned above.

5. Marjoram For skin:

Marjoram it can be used to
treat disorders of the skin very effective. You can also make
your own marjoram cream boiling a cup of olive oil with
plenty of fresh marjoram. Once the core has been precipitated
completely, melt about 2 tablespoons of beeswax, together
with marjoram oil soaked until the wax melts. Allow to cool
and skin cream homemade marjoram is ready! This cream can be
applied for the treatment of stiffness, sprains,

Marjoram 6. Hair:

Marjoram treat infections of the scalp. Try
to make this rinse hair, make a hair rinse by boiling fresh
marjoram plenty of water and use as a hair rinse. You can
also add a few drops of essential oil of marjoram to be very
effective. Of course, finally, my favorite use, tying wreaths
with marjoram and jasmine flowers hair to soothe your senses
and make you feel great!

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