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8 Causes of colon cancer to watch out for

8 Causes of colon cancer to watch out for
There are so many types of cancer experienced
by humans in the modern era. Quite often, the cancer is also
due to a family history that was once also exposed to the
same type of disease. So you can be more alert, here are
eight causes of colon cancer as reported

1. Age

Age is a major factor that supports the occurrence of colon
cancer. Does that mean that age causes colon cancer? Not
directly. Only just turned 50 years of age or older, one in
four people has polyps that lead to increased risk of cancer.

2. Alcohol

Research has shown that alcohol increases the risk of
colorectal cancer. So should avoid alcoholic beverages or
foods that contain alcohol content.

3. Diabetes

A study published in the journal Gastroenterology found that
insulin dependence contribute to the development of colon
cancer. In general, people with diabetes 40% more likely to
develop colon cancer than people who do not have diabetes.

4. Food

Foods high in fat and cholesterol (especially from animal
sources) can lead to colon cancer. Eat foods low in fiber
also has been associated with an increased risk of colon

5. Environment
Research has shown that the environment can play a major role
in the development of colon cancer. Where you live, who’s
around you, what is your job, and even when you work all can
affect your risk of colon cancer.

6. Genetics

Researchers estimate that about 25% of colon cancer cases
have some sort of genetic link. Examples of the most common
genetic cause of colon cancer include mutations to the FAP
(familial adenomatous polyposis) and HNPCC (non-polyposis
colorectal cancer is hereditary).

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7. Enteritis

Inflammatory bowel disease, often characterized by conditions
such as ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease, which can
increase the risk of developing colorectal cancer. In
general, the longer a person has inflammatory bowel disease,
the greater the chance of developing colorectal cancer.

8. Lack of exercise

Research has shown that a sedentary lifestyle contributes to
the development of colon cancer, including lack of exercise.

Here are eight causes of colon cancer to watch out for.
Remember, prevention is better than cure!

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