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8 Weeks Of Pregnancy

Welcome to your 8th week of pregnancy! You have just finishedd
your 7th week! Your baby has developed to be a little over 1/2
inch length by this week and it size is about of a kidney bean.
Beside the size change of your baby, there are some important
developmental changes happens . Up until now your baby had a
small extension at the end of the spine, and tail 
will  disappear this week.


Your baby has grown to be a little over 1/2 inch length by this
week and is about the size of a kidney bean. Along with the
changes in the size of your baby, there are some very major
developmental changes taking place as well. Up until now your
baby had a small extension at the end of the spine, much like a
little tail, although that will be starting to disappear this
week. Among other nervous system developments are further
growth and maturing of your baby’s brain and nerve connections
for touch and movement.


While still a bit too small to feel, your baby is already
moving around constantly! The little webbed fingers and toes
that started last week are growing out a little further, while
on the inside there is a lot of development in your baby’s
lungs. As the areas that will become lungs are forming, the
larger tubes that will carry air in from the throat are growing
and branching. Although these tiny lungs will not be totally
ready until just before birth, 36 weeks or so, many of the
important structures are already moving into place. Your baby’s
tiny face is also starting to become more like the one you will
soon know and love. Features like nose and even eyelids are
growing and already looking more like they will at birth,
although there will still be some big changes in the shape of
your baby’s head.

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Exciting growth is taking place for mommy as well this week! As
your uterus is continuing to grow, now to about the size of an
orange, you are probably starting to really get a feel for
being pregnant. You may be noticing around this time that your
skin is changing as well. Many women experience more oil
production which may make you feel like a teenager all over
again. This is normal, especially during the first trimester,
and will start to go away once your hormone levels begin to
return to pre-pregnancy levels when your baby is born.

Now that you are in your second month, it is probably about
time for a prenatal checkup if you haven’t already had one. It
is always a good idea to write down questions and any concerns
you have so that you will be ready to ask when you go to your
appointment. There will be a lot of changes going on with your
body as your baby continues to grow, so it is good to know what
to expect. Expect blood draws early on in pregnancy. Several
vials of blood are taken early on as you will likely be doing a
variety of checks, possibly including testing for genetic
disorders. You will do a second round of blood work between
24-28 weeks of pregnancy as well.


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