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A Balanced Diet Promotes Good Health

Our primary source of energy is the food we eat. If we are taking in good nutrition, our bodies will become healthy and strong. There lies the value of a balanced diet.

The problem begins when people live to eat instead of the other way around. Food nourishes and keeps the body working but excessive amounts will do the opposite. A good appetite does not ensure good health. Eating the right amount of the right type of food is what you need. Therefore, eating a balanced diet promotes good health.

Nutritionists advocate that a well-balanced diet is following the pattern in the food pyramid. This, along with moderate eating will make one healthy despite the presence of fats in the diet. Fats, by the way, are also essential in lubricating the skin and other parts of the body like the hair and nails. Meats are important for the protein that they contain, while dairy products are essential for the calcium that they supply the body. Every component has valuable nutritional benefits.

Experts say that a balanced diet should contain an optimal ratio of nutrients. The principle is to combine different food types to collect the sufficient amount of nutrients that will sustain good health.

For example, a balanced diet is high on vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. Low on sugar, salt, saturated trans fats and cholesterol. It consists mainly of meat, vegetables, bread, rice or potatoes, fruits, fiber and water. Cutting down on fast food, processed foods and replacing them with fruits, whole grain foods and low fat dairy products are also crucial. When it comes to losing weight, there should be stiffer control on fat or cholesterol consumption in the diet plan. In addition, drinking adequate amount of water is also essential.

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Finally, it is crucial to maintain a balanced diet from day to day. Remember that a balanced diet provides the necessary amount of energy for optimal growth and development. A well-balanced diet does not only affect the body, but the mind and emotional well-being as well. Committing to a balanced diet promotes good health.

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