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A Brief Introduction To Calories And Losing Weight

Calories are something you take in every day when you eat. There are something you naturally burn throughout the day as well through your everyday routine such as walking, typing, and even while you eat at digest food. In the most basic for, calories are what determine your current weight. The more of them you eat the more of them you gain and vice-versa, the less you take in and burn the less more weight you lose. Simple was used in the sentence above to explain the relationship between calories and weight loss but it is not always so simple to implement in your daily life. In order to develop a good weight loss plan you need to know how many calories you need daily, what foods have what amounts of calories and how many you need to burn. This article will explain a little more the relationship between weight loss and calories.

The original and scientific name for calorie is kilo calorie but is just called calorie for short. Calories are a  measurement of energy, including the energy in a certain food as well as the energy you use when you do anything physical with your body. In scientific terms, one calorie is how much energy it takes to raise the temperature of one gram of water be one Centigrade.

You may be wondering where calories actually come from and what amounts are in each type of food. Different types of nutrients give you calories such as carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Alcohol is not considered a nutrient but does provide calories. Here is a simple breakdown of the calories contained in  alcohol and the above 3 nutrients.

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– 1 Gram of alcohol has 7 calories
– 1 Gram of carbohydrate has 4 calories
– 1 Gram of protein also has 4 calories
– 1 Gram of fat has 9 calories

Other nutrients such as fiber, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, and water that are in most foods do not contain any calories. There are not many beverages or types of food that only have one nutrient, rather they are usually made up of a variety of different nutrients. The majority of foods are made up of carbs, protein and fat. The way you find out how many calories are in a particular food are by adding up the calorie count of each nutrient contained in the food.

Foods usually have multiple nutrients contained in them but they fall into the category of the predominant nutrient contained in the food. Most bread products fall into the category of carbs but they do also contain protein. Whereas meat products such as beef are considered proteins but do also contain fats, which adds extra calories if you have a piece of beef with more fat content. Some foods contain little or no nutrition but do contain calories. These are foods that are often high in sugar content and are known as empty calorie foods. You want to eat foods that are essential for your body, that are high in minerals, vitamins and fiber content.

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