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A Personal Review of the Andrew James Red Electric Barbeque and the Teppanyaki Table Top Griddle

The Andrew James Red Electric Barbeque Grill has become the star of the show and most popular choice for people here in the UK who are looking for the convenience not always available from charcoal and gas operated BBQ’s. We’re going to take a close look at it here, but we will also review another Andrew James show stopper, the Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill and Griddle, Indoor Barbecue Hotplate.

I’ll begin with the electric barbeque grill. The UK electric version is 230 volts with 2000 to 2400 watts available power. In common with any BBQ used outside these grills benefit from shelter away from cooling winds. This new grill is an update to more typical charcoal grills. It has easily adjusted heat controls and its non stick surface means that less oil is needed for dry foods such as vegetables. Fat rich foods such as lamb and pork benefit from a tiny amount of oil on the lean parts. The fats that result from cooking are collected in a detachable fat drawer. This helps make the unit very easy to clean.

The business end of the grill is completely detachable from the base, so in inclement weather conditions there is no need to cancel family and friends, invite them into the kitchen and have your barbeque there! The grill can sit on a work surface instead of its base. Unlike charcoal and gas, electrical barbeques produce zero carbon monoxide. Obviously you’re going to get delicious cooking smells though so an element of ventilation should be a factor, just as it is if you use a domestic cooker

I personally like the fact that ¾ of the cooking surface is ribbed, with ¼ flat. The ribbed section is great for that scorched line look that typifies a great steak. The flat ¼ area is excellent for bacon and prawns etc. One of the grilles neat features is the easy to read temperature gauge in the top of the domed lid. This helps you to get your perfect cooking temperature and food as it should be. How many of us recall amateur BBQ ‘chefs’ who somehow manage to cremate the outside of meat leaving the inside completely raw? Yuck!

A neat little addition to this electric barbeque grill is the facility to store condiments in the base stand. Also welcome is the (almost) 10 feet (2.9 metres) of power cord.

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Andrew James Black luxury Electric Teppanyaki Table Top Grill and Griddle is another product that is great to have at home. Although there are larger versions, this one at 60cms X 31cms is, in my opinion, an excellent tool for the average kitchen. Although it could, in the right weather, be used outside, it is not really recommended, but as an open grill indoors, it takes some beating. The 230 volt UK version has a lower wattage than the grill reviewed above, but as it is intended for indoor use the adjustable 1800 watts is plenty.

The Teppanyaki idea is Japanese in origin and it is a very healthy method of cooking. The design of this griddle collects fats produced in cooking meat and in effect reduces the calorific value of the food. The collected fat can be disposed of separately.

One of the things I particularly like about this griddle is the fact that you can cook an entire family breakfast on it. For many families a cooked breakfast is a treat rather than something for every day. I’m not suggesting that we should eat cooked breakfasts more often, I’m simply saying that we can feel less guilty about what we do eat because of the very healthy cooking method.

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