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A White Pomeranian – The Perfect Choice!

Everyone loves a Pomeranian. The big bushy tail, the upbeat and somewhat cocky personality, the fierce loyalty to their masters – what’s not to love?

One of the decisions you must face when adopting a puppy is what color you’d like. From wolf-sable to lavender, you’ve got plenty of choices. Perhaps you want something less fierce than a wolf and more normal than a naturally purple dog. If so, white is a great place to start. Nothing captures the Pom’s innocence and sweet-heart nature better than the color white.

However, it’s important to understand the difference between a white Pomeranian and an albino Pomeranian. Both have white coats of fur, so the difference may seem somewhat confusing at first. A normal white Pom simply has white hair – whereas an albino has a genetic quirk which causes loss of pigmentation, resulting in white fur, blue eyes, pale skin, and a white or pink nose.

Other than this genetic quirk, albinos are no less healthy or perfect as any other Pom. Treat them accordingly with lots of love and care. The blue eyes can be quite an attractive feature!

Unfortunately, white is one of the hardest colors to breed. If there’s too much breeding of the color white in a bloodline, the actual look of the dog begins to change into something very un-Pomeranian-like. It’s sometimes best to buy a white dog from a bloodline with several different colors, rather than from a breeder that specializes in white ones.

Always ask to see the puppy’s mother and father before taking it home. It’s hard to tell exactly what a full grown pup will eventually look like, so this helps give you a better picture of what it might look like “all grown up”.

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Pay special attention to the shade of the fur. Improper breeding will result in a shade of lemon or a “dirty” white. It really is rare to find a perfectly paper-white shade, so you may have to seek out several breeders before finally finding the perfect match.

The downside to any white dog is keeping them clean. Nothing shows dirt better when white fur. When your Pom runs in the house for the first time, grinning from ear-to-ear, covered entirely in mud from rolling around in puddles, you may want to pull your hair out. However, any dog needs to be kept clean and bathed properly to be healthy and happy – so white can actually be good in this aspect. It reminds you to routinely care for your dog!

To achieve the brightest white, use only a shampoo made specifically for canine bathing. Wash thoroughly, and make sure you rinse the shampoo completely out of the fur. Once you’ve finished the drying process, try not to let your Pom outside until the fur has had a chance to entirely air dry. Wet hair attracts dirt like a magnet, and nothing’s worse than immediately ruining a fresh bath.

If you’re thinking about buying a white Pomeranian, hopefully this article has helped you make a good decision. If you already own one, I hope you took away some valuable information that will be of great use to you!

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