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Appliances Exciting Event Commentary Week In And Week (fourth Week Of December)

Event: Changhong 230 million won Huayi compression

Comments: Sichuan Changhong December 24 to 234 million bid was
intended to compress 9710 China shares, 29.92% of the shares,
thus becoming China’s new compression means “owner.” While in
August, Changhong officially become


Giant Meiling


The controlling shareholder. Huayi compression domestic


In the field of leading enterprises, Changhong has undoubtedly
opened the fridge this upstream industrial chain, and gradually
get rid of the kinds of situation. At this point, “Changhong
line” of listed companies increased from two to three,
Changhong among the white army will first demonstrated.





Liquid crystal foundry agreement signed

Comments: TCL


Quite closely with Philips, as early as April 2006,


Philips rumored within the industry to acquire TCL TV business
news, but then the two sides has been inaction. Officially took
over in October from Liang Yaorong TCL Multimedia CEO, the
acquisition of TCL Multimedia on speculation Philips peak.
December 24 evening, TCL’s color TV business, TCL Multimedia
listed company issued a bulletin that “has been signed with


OEM Agreement “, so that the long-rumored” Philips intends to
enter the White TCL Multimedia “one said to have proved
unfounded. The Philips can help TCL greater achievements, let
us wait and see.

Event: the Big Three domestic LCD integrated encounter

Comments: * ST east



, Canton


Interest rates


Really dragged on, back in 2006, LCD Big Three parties
announced plans June 30, 2007 to agree and sign the contract
until now, but be exposed in the operation of the tripartite
technical barriers exist, integration is still No substantive
progress. The LCD industry has given the Big Three highly
integrated, with the cooperation has been postponed, the three
parties will have a lot of speculation to stop integration,
although from time to time one of them out of the rumor,
claiming that still promote the tripartite cooperation, but the
fact that the stagnant has it all. Whether the tripartite
integration can continue, the 2008 should be able to see the

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Event: “

Home Appliances

Countryside “Pilot Program Launches

Comments: “appliances to the countryside” is a very innovative
concept, December 22, Ministry of Finance and


Department announced, “home appliances to the countryside” will
be in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces took the lead
pilot. Prevailing view was that home appliances can activate
the rural countryside


, But also


Appliance industry overcapacity. However, this seems 100 is
beneficial rather than harmful to the appliances to the
countryside or have voices of doubt. Consumption of rural
residents are not poor because of home appliances “Going down”
it? Appliances subsidies can subsidize the real poor? These
issues are of theory can not answer. Appliances to the
countryside can really achieve the desired goal, remains to be
further practice of the rural market.

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