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Appliances Exciting Events Week In And Week Assessment (the Second Week Of December)

Sharp Close 2 LCD Panel Production Line Event: Sharp’s 12
officially announced the closure of more gas-cho in Mie
Prefecture and Nara Prefecture heavenly city two factories of
small and medium LCD panel production line. With this series of
actions, Sharp will cut about 380 dispatch staff, and full-time
staff positions will be allocated by way of re-arranged again.

Comment: Incidentally, in addition to Sharp, last week,

Samsung , Sony Spontaneously also announced a series of cuts
involving layoffs, tube wave plant, the suspension of
investment integration measures. Led to the three leading
consumer electronics companies to make only one reason for the
behavior: the economic downturn, companies have shrunk, I
believe the economic recovery before the occurrence of this
phenomenon will continue. In contrast, domestic brand with a
huge domestic market of China on the global market since the
cold snap to build a more solid defensive fortress, foreign
giants bad mean lost opportunities to recover the advent of
domestic brands are still to be seen.

Top U.S. group and then adjust the exposure

Event: the group ahead of the United States to launch a new
round of internal organizational restructuring,

America’s refrigerator Has been class president Li Shijun, Wang
Jianguo, vice president of washing machines as the original,
the original charge, vice president of the United States in the
washing machine no longer serve the Prospects.

Comments: The fridge in the United States before President Li
Shijun class news,

TCL Group, Hisense Kelon be exposed the news of personnel
changes, TCL, senior vice president, communications, Alcatel’s
CEO Liu Fei was named president of brand operations, executive
director of Liu Fei Wang Daoyuan take over as CEO, president of
Hisense Kelon Wang Shilei resigned from this week took a small
day . “Performance is king,” unsatisfactory performance or
executive leave a major cause of the downturn in the whole year
under the state and financial crises, by shocks

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Home Appliances Industry also need to find a suitable candidate
of the “crises” to “machine.”

Chief Financial Officer resigned Haier Event: Haier Ip Wai-ming
who seek other career development programs, has been presenting
the company’s financial director resigned, qualified accountant
and company secretary, resigned on January 10, 2009 come into

Comments: The year is approaching the end of the year, clearing
the accounts and one case has become a business license, but
much earlier than usual this year, come by the market downturn
and financial crisis, or will go some more.

Best Buy to open Shanghai store

Event: December 10, Best Buy Plaza Pudong Shanghai Lianyang
lifestyle store opened, Best Buy is the world’s first lifestyle
store. Interestingly, the store’s sales area of only 77 square

Comments: Prior to Best Buy stores around the world almost all
“large” type, this time, why put the other way round, in China,
opened a “mini shop”? Local enterprises with domestic

States United States

Suning’s “big shop” strategy compared to Best Buy “lifestyle
store” did enough alternative, long accustomed to the U.S.
model Suning Guo Chinese consumers, able to adapt to a new
model Best Buy market has yet to be observed, if the “fashion
Life shop “in the future reach performance expectations, one
can only close up shop.

I am China Quality Lighting writer, reports some information
about ir light barrier , directional lighting.

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