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Appliances Wonderful Event Commentary Week In And Week (first Week Of The Month)

Event: * ST Chunlan say goodbye to the stock market

Comments: April 30, ST Jiangsu Chunlan Refrigeration Equipment
Co. (hereinafter referred to Chunlan shares) annual deficit of
about 315 million yuan in 2007, due to 3 consecutive years of
losses, suspended its shares listed. Most industry insiders
believe that “over the pursuit of industrial diversification,”
resulted in the decline of Chunlan. 10 years ago was China

Air conditioning

Industry boss, and now the stock price had fallen 10 times
Chunlan, such a large gap between people Xu Xi endless. In the
history of the development of such a business is not just the
refraction of an enterprise change destiny, and a traditional

Home Appliances

Enterprises in the ever-changing market situation of struggle,
loss and lost.


Triple Trading Company

Controversy still exists

Comments: triple trading company executives, “Absence” not see
signs of a solution. Triple Trading Company 22,765,600 shares
outstanding auction, the United States around the country
triple trading company appointed new general manager, chief
financial officer should perform their duties immediately went
to the controversy over the company already started. Although
the triple trading company board of directors has urged the
United States executive as soon as possible “in place”, but
refused to assume office the country respect the attitude of
the United States is quite strong. Triple Group holds 9.02%
triple Trading Company Limited shares will be sold again on the
16th of this month auction, state whether the United States
shot a focus of speculation, I believe after the stock sale
dispute will be completely resolved.



Kelon to enter the alliance Whirlpool

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Comments: has been the production of low-end white goods
products based Hisense Kelon Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd., is
currently attempting to enter the field of high-end white. Is
noteworthy that, ST announced the adjustment of the Hisense
Kelon purchase of assets from private placement, some analysts
believe that Hisense had committed to contribute as assets not

Washing machine

Business, but this Kelon joint venture with Whirlpool, Hisense
means that the future will consider the washing machine its
business into Kelon. However, the current market analysis,
refrigerator, washing machine industry is a fairly mature
industry development, this cooperation can achieve the desired
win-win results, the market remains to be tested.

Event: 51 appliance price “black” division

Comments: During the “51”, this appliance price movements show
“black and white” divide, the price steadily white goods, air


, Washing machine as the instigator prices. And to flat panel
TVs as the leading home appliance prices remained low in the
black. Come from the overall analysis, in steel, copper and
other raw material prices, cost pressures and human resource
factors such as the yuan appreciation against the background of
“black appliances,” to cut prices because raw black metal
demand for household appliances is relatively small, the by the
impact of rising raw material small. In addition, the joint
venture started by the brand

Flat Panel TV

“Price war” is also “black appliances” can lower one of the

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