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Appliances Wonderful Event Commentary Week In And Week (fourth Week Of The Month)

Events: TCL Delisting risk warning has been withdrawn

Comments: TCL two consecutive years of losses to put a “* ST”
in the

Hat , Let the whole Home Appliances Pinched the cold sweat of
its industry. However, TCL’s profits in 2007 were again
displayed an old appliance business vitality. The Shenzhen

Securities Exchange of examination and approval, since March
28, 2008 be withdrawn * STTCL

Stock Transaction risks delisting warning. Shares referred to
by the “* STTCL” to “TCL Group.” The TCL Group, although the
take off of the “* ST” label, but

Multimedia And Communication Two main business still needs the
continued profitability of the test in 2008, especially in

TV And Mobile Downturn in the industry as a whole to remain
profitable TCL is still a problem.

Event: triple trading company stock again next month

Auction Comments: hubbub triple trading company shares, there
has been new progress in the auction, Joint Trading Company and
Shandong Silver Star Co., Ltd. both announced on the auction,
held by the Group triple triple trading company of 22,765,602
shares of Restricted circulation stock options will be April 2
auction. Previously

States United States “Stealing a march” curve went for triple
equity market exploded, but also for the triple option auction
trading company left two suspense. First, countries the United
States will continue to participate in the equity of the
auction? Second, if the stock price of the auction to new
heights? In addition, Suning Will arrives to knock is unknown,
it appears consumer electronics market also staged a show of.

Event: Hisense Kelon additional adjustment program

Comments: ST Kelon private placement last week was rejected by
the news of a sudden it can be said beyond everyone’s
expectations, the negative impact it is also gradually becoming
apparent. How to complete the restructuring of the white has
become a pressing priority Hisense Kelon and a hurdle to be
crossed as soon as possible. The Hisense new additional
programs are also being readjustment, and whether to adjust the
price or make a special performance of additional commitments,
or there is a third, a fourth program, Hisense and other
regulatory aspects that are the result of feedback. As for the
new additional programs being passed, Hisense white
restructuring can proceed smoothly, let us wait and see.

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Events: the U.S. paid off, and the completion of the
acquisition of Little Swan

Comment: Recently, the United States of

Electrical Little Swan acquisition program, has received the
adoption of the SASAC, the approval process in order to
complete the last of all “paid off.” Little Swan is bound to
accelerate the acquisition of the United States in the white
sectors, but how to integrate Little Swan, beauty is also a
challenge. On the one hand, Little Swan is the state owned the
original holding, and the existence of beauty culture
integration issues. On the other hand, the United States how to
deal with the United States, the Rongshida, Little Swan 3

Washing machine

The operation of the brand. Little Swan seems to really be into
the development system, the United States were a long hard way
to go.

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