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Appliances Wonderful Event Commentary Week In And Week (second Week Of April 2010) – Sichuan

Sichuan Province Changhong 31.46 billion in 2009 revenue grew
Event: Sichuan Changhong’s annual business income of 31.458
billion yuan, up 12.63 percent over the same period; to achieve
operating profit 686 million yuan, up 136.72 percent; net
profit of 539 million yuan, up 105.34 percent; of which vested
listed company’s net profit at 116 million, an increase of

Comments: 2009, Sichuan Changhong Sell Income steadily
recovering. During the reporting period, the company achieved
substantial growth in the domestic market, LCD TV sales grew
185% over

Plasma TV Sales up 45%, color TV system at the national sales
of home appliances to the countryside ranking. 2010, Sichuan
Changhong is the definition of a “breakthrough year”, the
company will further strengthen the core business, enhance the
color TV business, the core competitiveness. During fierce
fighting in the domestic color TV giants, forward on the road,
Changhong is not lonely.

Haier America Expo sponsored by the U.S. Pavilion to enhance
brand impact.
Event: April 7, 2010, Haier America and the 2010 Shanghai World
Expo sponsored by the United States signed an agreement in
Shanghai Museum, Shanghai 2010 World Expo will become the
National Museum of the official sponsors.

Comments: This is the sign of Qingdao Haier, China’s Shandong
Museum Expo sponsor, Haier Group officially launched the Global

Marketing Plan, Haier, another Expo Hall debut. Haier America’s
strategic cooperation with the U.S. Pavilion will be a vivid
manifestation of globalization and Haier. The United States is
harma start on the road of international land. Today, Haier has
successfully entered the United States “take out” stage. Expo
with a large stage, Haier, Haier will make people feel, “One
World, One Home” wonderful, and further build the brand Haier
impact of globalization.

Original Amoi President Li Xiaozhong Teng jumped back into the
new company, called Sharan.
Event: April 6, Sohu IT Recently was informed from the sources,
former president of Amoi Electronics Xiaozhong will return,
their new company name “Sharan.”

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Comments: December 22, 2007, Amoi Electronics announced on, Li
Xiaozhong resigned for personal reasons the company president.
Departure time in the industry to Xiaozhong described as “a
technology advocates of regret.” Today, Sharan was born. Li
Xiaozhong will also use the “Sharan” comeback, “Sharan”
registered capital of about 35 million, mainly

Mobile Business focus primarily to outsource production of
handset-based. Sharan first year to start selling a second-tier
cities. Sharan responsible person this year, we hope to sell 10
million units.

Gome : 1.409 billion net profit in 2009 increased 34%.
Event: April 7, 2010 news, Gome Annual Report 2009, released
today, the company’s annual revenue of 42.668 billion yuan, the
profit attributable to shareholders of the parent increased
from the 1.048 billion yuan to 1.409 billion yuan, an increase
of 34.45% ; basic earnings per share of 0.082 yuan from last
year rose 25.61 percent to 0.103 yuan.

Comments: 2009, GOME fully implemented to enhance the
single-store network optimization and profitability at the core
of the transformation strategy, from the performance point of
view Gome in 2009, a year-long strategic transformation
strategy paying off. 2010, Gome will continue to benefit from
the country’s industrial policy to stimulate domestic demand,
while also the optimal strategy for the further development of
Transformation. Chen Xiao, Gome Chairman and Chief Executive,
said: “In 2010, we will continue to in-depth and suppliers
together and win-win strategy, the United States continued to
tap the country’s performance integrated service platform, from
the truly zero useful for the development of sustainable,
harmonious relationship. “Gome, step by step to glory.

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