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Application Of Yeast Extract Progress

Yeast extract is a protein-rich food yeast as raw materials, biotechnology, the yeast cell proteins, nucleic acids and other refined after the degradation of natural seasonings, mainly composed of peptides, amino acids, flavor nucleotides acid, B vitamins and trace elements. Yeast extract has a natural, nutritious and delicious full-bodied, etc, widely used in food industry.

In recent years, as people knowledge about yeast extract, yeast extract market growing, increasingly broad range of applications, and food manufacturers on the requirements of yeast extract is also getting higher and higher This greatly facilitated the yeast extract in the development and application development, there have been some new developments and trends.

First, as to expand the international market and meet the needs of the domestic high-end market, some yeast extract manufacturers have improved by adjusting the production process and equipment to produce light, good solubility of high-grade yeast extract. And compared to the previous extract, the new high-grade yeast extract products in the physical and chemical indicators, solubility, processability and so closer to similar international products, international markets for products which provide a guarantee.

Second, the high intensity I + G content of fresh yeast extract as a natural seasoning industry, nutrition, health, strong flavor agent with the high demand there and drawn wide attention. As the Chinese people on the flavor preferences, the market will highlight a variety of spices are a few words, so all kinds of flavor enhancer like MSG, I + G products have large market. Although the general yeast extract in the overall flavor intensity than MSG, but often gives people the feeling of freshness enough. High intensity I + G content of fresh yeast extract dissolved through the process of self-control of DNA degradation, so that products of flavor nucleotides (I + G) content increased, thereby improving product freshness, coupled with the yeast extract has a natural, nutritional properties and good processing properties, yeast extract greatly enhanced the flavor agent in competition with other advantages.

Third, yeast extract flavor began to develop in the direction. Ordinary yeast extract and flavor the flavor of yeast extract yeast extract as the basis of the blend of the thermal reaction, and its main raw material is yeast extract, so it can be seen as yeast extract and the flavor combination.

Fourth, some specific for certain industries began to yeast extract. Special type of yeast extract are focusing on an industry-specific needs and special processing requirements, there are destinations in their products to strengthen, due to the production of downstream products a thorough understanding of the process and quality requirements, highly targeted, it is easy to grasp live customer demand, and has received recognition. Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. of chicken such as special type of yeast extract and soy sauce, yeast extract dedicated to the market are given in good results.

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Fifthly, the salty yeast extract flavor industry more and more recognized, more and more use. With the rapid development of food processing industry and the gradual understanding of the essence to deepen its flavor on the food put forward higher requirements, which the development of the food flavor industry has played a great role in promoting.

Sixth, the instant noodle industry began to experiment with body surface of the surface altogether the use of yeast extract. Instant noodles industry in the use of yeast extract seasoning has formed a consensus, and some things to manufacturers in the body altogether Instant yeast extract is also used with satisfactory results. With the application of technology to gradually increase the use of body surface of yeast extract more and more manufacturers will be recognized.

Seventh, the baked goods (cookies, bread, etc.) processing of yeast extract on a new understanding. Studies have shown that yeast extract with the gluten in the dough matrix interactions can improve dough extensibility, baking characteristics and texture and structure. The yeast extract contains trehalose in the excellent anti-aging effect of starch, especially in cold or freezing conditions become more prominent. Trehalose can inhibit the decomposition of lipid composition of fat, maintaining food quality played a very good role.

Eighth, bean paste and other traditional seasonings are beginning to accept the yeast extract. Bean paste industry generally use the traditional technology of production, a longer production cycle, product quality is also prone to volatility. Application results show that, in the bean paste in the production process of yeast extract added after the shortening maturity, to enhance flavor with good results.

Yeast extract as a rapid development of food ingredients, its development and application has received increasing attention, and the great majority of people in the industry has made great efforts progress. With the development of the industry and its technological level, the domestic research and production of yeast extract showed both with international standards, but also a good combination of the actual trends in China. The domestic food processing industry on the acceptability of yeast extract is also getting higher and higher, and continually search for new processing and application point of integration. In yeast extract manufacturers and the general food seasoning the joint efforts of enterprises, domestic yeast extract and food seasoning industry sectors will have a better tomorrow.

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