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Are you at Risk of Brittle Bones?

Up until your mid-20s when bone reach their Peak Bone Mass, mineral stores are being laid down in bones which are growing in length and strength. After this, bone strength plateaus until the late 30s, when it declines and more bone is lost than made.

A surprising number of factors weaken the bones at a young age when building up a ‘bone bank’ couldn’t be more important. So how can you minimize your risk? We have to identify few cause of bone weakeners:

1)Excessive dieting
Dieting can result in low body weight which exerts less pressure on the bones, so the body has no reason to maintain bone strength

2)Diets high in meat, dairy produce and fish
Some scientist now believe that a lifelong high-protein diet – typical of those in Western countries – may be a primary cause of osteoporosis.

3)Office job
Bones need to be used in order to stay strong. Every time you stress a bone, it acts as a signal to make it stronger, If you do nothing, or typically lead a sedentary lifestyle coupled with a desk job, it loses minerals and gets weak.

4)Alcohol everyday
Alcohol reduces calcium absorption from the gut and stimulates cells which break down bone. It also increases the excretion of magnesium – another key mineral which keeps bones strong.

5)Fizzy drink
Many fizzy drinks contain high level of phosphates – in the form of phosphoric acid – which strip the bone calcium. This is because the body naturally strives to maintain equal levels of calcium and phosphorus – if there is an excess phosphorus, calcium is released from the bones to correct balance

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6)Over exercise
Women who undertake severe or competitive sports training may be at risk of losing their periods, which can significantly weaken bones. Allow the body to recover in between heavy exercise

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