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Attributes of a Good Bartender

Have you ever wondered how a bartender remembers so many drinks for you to order? As soon as you say ‘What’s special today?’ he rolls out a big list of dishes and drinks which you have probably never heard of. A bartender is a gifted person in fact and we would simply be amazed by the way his brain’s grey matter works. There are plenty of such people who take up the job of serving customers in bars and restaurants.

Over the years, the profession of bartending has become pretty popular and many educational institutes have started the course for students. The demand for a bartender too is high and people who host special events for festivals and occasions are hiring a bunch of bartenders who can serve the guests. Hotels usually offer the services of bartenders for private parties and they are trained well by the hotel management.

If you are choosing a bartender for an event, then you should have your own check-list and hire a bartender according to it. The basic thing you should remember is to pick up energetic person for the job. This doesn’t mean a middle age man or woman is not fit to be a bartender. Since bartenders are constantly running around taking orders and serving people, they should be energetic, healthy and friendly. Older person may not suitable for the job unless he or she is really healthy and energetic.

Ensure that your bartender comes with license and few years of experience. Newbies might get confused and they cannot handle customers properly unless he or she has vast knowledge of drink recipes and how to mix them. Even a few months of experience would do. Good communication skills and friendly nature are of utmost importance. Mingling with people is mandatory and if you see these qualities in a bartender, then go ahead and hire him without any second thoughts.

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