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Benefits of Apple: The Healthy Food

The famous saying, “Eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is indeed a fact and has been proven scientifically by different research studies. Apples don’t only satisfy your taste buds but it makes your body healthy as well. Apples contain minerals like boron and potassium, vitamins such as vitamin C, fiber, dietary phenolics flavonoids and phytochemicals that are needed by the body.

Here is the list of benefits when you eat apple at least once a day:

1) Can help loose weight because it has low in calories which means someone who is on a diet, can munch apples without getting too much energy. Apples are fat free because it contains 80% water.

2) The fiber it contains helps you to become full. It is suggested that before eating a meal, eat an apple first so that you will not eat too much because you are full already.

3) It has low in sodium which helps the body flush away excess water weight.

4) It cleanses your body. It detoxifies the liver who is working hard to clean the body from toxins.

5) It helps strengthen and boost your immune system.

6) It helps boost energy especially eating an apple before a workout or training session.

7) It helps fight and defend from different illnesses.

8) It helps reduce the risk of having asthma, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, Type II diabetes, gallstones, Parkinson’s disease and respiratory diseases like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

9) It prevents to develop the different kinds of cancer cells like prostate, colon, lung, breast and bladder.

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10) You have 10% to 15% chances of developing cataracts.

11) Fights the aging of the brain thus helps you to avoid dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

12) It beats constipation and diarrhea.

13) It helps you digest easily and have regular bowel movement thus prevents you to have hemorrhoids.

14) It helps bone growth, muscle function and cure joint problems.

15) It helps lower the level of blood cholesterol.

16) It helps make your heart healthy.

17) It helps you to get healthier and whiter teeth because an apple stimulate producing more saliva that helps reduce tooth decay.

18) It helps prevent wrinkles.

Before eating an apple, make sure you wash it carefully because the process of planting apples involve spraying of pesticides and chemical fertilizers were used. There might be residues that are harmful to the body and can cause leukemia and other diseases.

The best way to eat an apple is to eat it fresh or raw and make sure to eat the skin as well because it provides different nutrients: it has more fiber and antioxidants than the flesh itself. Apple has quercetin that is only found in its skin.

Eating apples is beneficial to your body. If you are hungry go grab munch an apple to satisfy your hungry stomach without feeling guilty. Always include apple in your diet and surely it will improve your life. Apple is a healthy food and has lots of benefits that could help you have a healthy body.

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