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Beware, excessive emotions can cause a heart attack

Everyone who never got angry. But be careful if you like
indulgence in anger. One study suggests that anger can be
fatal to the impact on health. The researchers found evidence
that the surprise may increase the risk of heart attack up to
eight times.

Worse, for people who have high levels of anxiety, risk of
heart attack within an hour after the anger will rise to nine
thirty times. The study found that patients who had a heart
attack and was taken to a hospital has already been subject
to a series of anger and anxiety.
How anger can cause a heart attack? Dr. Thomas Buckley
explains that anger can increase heart rate and blood
pressure, narrowing of blood vessels and increases the
likelihood of blockage in the blood vessels and cause heart

Today more and more researchers found a link between
excessive emotion with a heart attack. excessive emotions
associated with an increased risk of heart attack.

The results obtained after researchers observed 313 patients
with clogged arteries. It is known that most patients feel
angry in a span of 48 hours before having a heart attack and
arterial blockage.

participants anger scale in this study was assessed using a
seven-point scale. After learning of this investigation, care
should be taken when angry. The best control his anger to not
negatively affect health, let alone cause a heart attack.

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