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Beware, most sleep can trigger a stroke !

had been many studies showing the dangers of lack of sleep,
but still a little showing the dangers of oversleeping. Lack
of sleep can lead to various complications such as obesity,
diabetes and heart disease. Meanwhile, recent research also
revealed that too much sleep can also be a health hazard.
sleep,stroke Recent
research Department of Public Health and Primary Care at the
University of Cambridge found that sleep more than eight
hours a day can increase the risk of stroke, as reported by
Medical Journal (2.25).

“We found an association between sleep time is too long
with an increased risk of stroke. What is not clear is
whether sleep too long is a symptom of a stroke or
something that causes cardiovascular problems, “said Yue
Leng, PhD, of the University of Cambridge.

Leng and his colleagues used the European Prospective
Investigation into Cancer (EPIC) to see 10,000 people from 42
to 81 years for 9.5 years. The researchers asked each
participant time sleeping in one day. At the end of the paper
that 346 participants experienced, both fatal and non-fatal

Approximately 10 percent of participants are known to sleep
more than eight hours a day compared with 70 percent of the
participants who slept six to eight hours a day. People who
sleep too long known to have a stroke risk 46 percent higher
than in the normal sleep time. If this is done every day, the
risk of stroke can be increased to twice.

Meanwhile, people who sleep less than six hours each day risk
of stroke is 18 percent higher to sleep at the normal time.
However, researchers still going to do more research to find
out the actual connection and what makes the relationship
between sleep and stroke risk.

Although these researchers argue that it is influenced by
metabolic and stress hormones. They know that lack of sleep
can disrupt metabolism and increase the production of
cortisol. That will lead to a rise in blood pressure and
increases the risk of stroke.

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