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Big Arms (naturally)

What are big arms. Big arms can’t be defined as a specific size. It’s best to just say they are arms that look big. What makes them look big is their overall symmetry in comparison to the rest of the body.  16 inch arms will look huge on an average guy 5′!0″ weighting 155 pounds. However, they would not look so big on a guy weighing 220 lbs. So, don’t go by a specific inch measurement to determine if you have achieved the big guns. Use your own symmetry and judgment to determine the size that is optimal for your arms.

To be successful in growing big arms you must focus on Rest, Exercise, and Diet as a coordinated and complimentary approach for adding muscle mass on your arms.

-Rest, Let’s start off by talking about rest before exercise and diet. This is because if you don’t get the proper rest, you’re not going to make the gains. Don’t bother doing the exercises if you know you can’t get the rest. It’s a coordinated program balancing exercise, diet and rest. You must put all three together in order to make serious gains. When you exercise, you are building up lactic acid breaking down the muscles. It requires rest and time for the body to repair the damage that was done to the muscles.  Every weight training exercise you perform breaks down the muscle tissue for the specific muscle you are exercising. The main goal of your workout is to break down as many muscle fibres as possible. Therefore, you’re getting weaker as you workout and the muscle breaks down. Keep in mind, the only time muscle grows is when you’re resting. After the damage is done from your workout, The nutrition from your diet and rest is required to rebuild the muscle.  .


In order to get maximum muscle growth, you must do exercises to stimulate growth and compliment the diet and rest schedule. To be sure your weight gain will be muscle / lean mass and not fat, we must do exercises that pack on muscle as lean mass / lean body mass ( lbm ). It’s suggested that you stick to the exercise routine for three months before adding or changing exercises. This is because this routine alone will encourage muscle growth and additional exercises will take away from the much needed rest that is required for gaining weight.

So let’s get on with the exercise routine. There are four exercises suggested for the workout routine. First the squat, 2nd the deadlift, 3rd the bench press and 4th incline dumbbell curls. Do this routine twice a week. 

 1. Squats, this is the number one exercise. Squats will exercise the largest muscle groups in the body and when the large muscles get a good workout it puts your body in an anabolic state to gain muscle. Do 3 sets of 15 to 20 rep squats. The 20 rep squat is an awesome exercise. It gives the legs a super workout and causes the chest to expand.

2. Deadlift, this exercise like the squat will help to build overall body strength and stimulate gaining overall muscle mass. do 3 sets of 10 reps. It’s important to use correct form when doing deadlifts (ie. keep the back straight and bend the legs not the back). It’s easy to injure your back by doing the exercise incorrectly. See the post on performing squats correctly.

3. Bench Press, do 3 sets of 8 to 10 reps. Keep proper form when doing bench presses by keeping the bar level and don’t arch your back. Improper form will lead to unevenly developing your muscles. Doing heavy bench presses is a good muscle mass builder for the triceps. Use as much weight as you can for 8 to 10 reps.

4. Incline bench Curls with dumbbells (3 sets of 8 to 10 reps). Do this exercise while sitting on an incline bench. The best angle for the back rest part of the bench is about 140 degrees. This is because you will get the best extension on the biceps at 140 degrees. If you sit upright while doing dumbbell curls, the motion becomes easier as the dumbbells pass your abdomen area and get closer to your chest. The 140 degree angle allows the exercise to continue past the abdomen area. The key to this exercise is to do it slowly (kind of like slow motion). Do it slowly as you bring the dumbbells upward. .Also, let the dumbbells down slowly so you get bicep contraction on the negative motion of the exercise. Notice you will get extra pump in your biceps on the negative motion. Allow your shoulders to rest backwards toward the bench. Do not try to bring your shoulders forward. Try not to rock the dumbbells or swing them. Do it slowly and it will exercise the entire biceps. This exercise is spectacular for the lower biceps which will make your arms look huge. If you have noticed people that have high bicep development do not look impressive. Those that have good lower bicep development look very impressive.

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It’s important to match the correct diet with the exercises that you’re doing. And, it’s important to choose the correct exercises and diet for the goals that you want to achieve. It’s this simple, if you eat less food/calories than your body is burning, you will not gain weight and you may start to atrophy where your losing muscle. If you eat more food/calories than your body burns, you will gain weight. To gain one pound, you need to eat an additional 3,500 calories over what your body burns. But,

you might ask, how do I know how many calories my body is burning? 

A good estimation is 18 calories per each pound of body weight. (Example, if you weigh 150 Lbs. your body will burn 18X150=2700 calories a day to maintain 150 Lb.

Also, On Line Calculators are available that will calculate how many calories you use by activities you perform during the day,

Right now, you must start to eat correctly to gain muscle mass. This is very important. You must eat three full meals (breakfast, lunch, supper) and make sure you eat a good breakfast. This is an example of a good breakfast, 3 or 4 eggs, bacon, potato’s, toast. Don’t skimp on breakfast. It is the most important meal. I use to have trouble eating after I woke up in the morning and I had to force myself to eat a good breakfast. It was actually hard for me to eat breakfast and I would feel sick. However, that feeling faded over time and now I’m hungry when I first wake up. You may also be challenged when it comes to eating breakfast. But, you have to do this! you must eat a good breakfast. Ok?   So, eat three good meals. Lunch, you could eat something like a steak or tuna sandwich with chips. Supper, most people get this right and have meat, potato’s and another vegetable. Ok, that was easy, three square meals.

Now, here’s the part that’s going to push you in to putting on the pounds. About two to three hours after every meal you will eat a high calorie high protein snack. I use to make a milk shake to drink and put it in a thermos and take to work with me. It seems easier to down a drink fast when you already feel stuffed. This is how I would make the milk shake. Put a couple of eggs in a blender and blend them up. Put in some ice cream, milk, a pack of instant breakfast or protein powder if you have it. Blend it all up. You may get tired of drinking shakes. But, it is full of protein and calories you will need to gain muscle mass.. You could eat something like a peanut butter sandwich and an apple instead of the shake. But, that gets even harder to take over time. Just make sure you eat a good protein/calorie snack in between each meal.

That’s it, follow these instructions religiously. Don’t skip meals, Don’t skip snacks in between meals, and eat a good breakfast. This seems like a lot of effort put in to eating, but this is a very important part of gaining muscle. If you do this along with the recommended exercising with proper rest, you can pack on muscle like you have been taking steroids.

Now you have the basics for growing big arms. Stick to this schedule and you should see some decent results within two weeks. This should give you enough incentive to keep going. Then you will be well on your way to sporting the big guns!

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