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Brain Injury

A trauma to the head can cause an equal trauma to the brain.
This is commonly known as a brain injury of which there are
two types, a concussion and a contusion. The concussion is a
situation in which the brain is shaken and disturbed. There
are a great many studies being done lately regarding the
concussion as it happens frequently in sports accidents and
scientists are trying to discover what the affect of more
than one can be. A more serious injury is the contusion,
which is a bruise on the brain. In addition to sports, other
causes of injury to the brain are automobile accidents,
motorcycles, falls, workplace injuries, assault with a heavy
object and assault with a foreign object such as a bullet.
Many of these are milder injuries, but the more serious
injuries can cause severe damage to the brain.

A serious brain injury can cause coma, chronic headaches,
dizziness, loss of speech function, loss of cognitive
function and paralysis. The brain is very important to most
functions of the body and an injury to it can stop some of
these functions from working correctly. This type of injury
can easily have life changing effects on the patient. They
may no longer be able to work and support themselves and
their family. They may have large medical bills that are not
all covered by medical insurance or they might not have
medical insurance at all. They have to get used to living
with a disability and need the rehabilitation necessary to
make this less disabling.

The Catastrophic Injury Resource Center was set up to help
people that have had this type of life changing injury. A
brain injury victim can call the Center or go to the website
and get advice on the legal aspects of their accident and
also help getting the resources that they might need from the
community. The attorneys and staff at the Center are
experienced dealing with the aftermath of this type of trauma
and can give the appropriate help and advice. Obviously the
Center welcomes families as many people suffering from these
injuries can no longer communicate as they did before.
Families will find an informational atmosphere that can help
them understand what the future might hold.

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If you or a family member has gone through this type of
injury, you need to seek out help from a group like the
Catastrophic Injury Resource Center. This group is staffed
with people who understand these types of injuries and will
help. Please contact them at the Catastrophic Injury Resource
Center at 1-800-669.

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