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Cannabis Oil Is Gathering an Unstoppable Momentum as a World Class Healer

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Cannabis Oil Is Gathering an Unstoppable Momentum as a World
Class Healer

by Makia Freeman

Collectively Conscious

Cannabis oil is gathering an unstoppable momentum as a world
class healer, and there is little or nothing Western
Governments are going to be able to do stop it. Cases are
popping up all over the world showing that cannabis oil has
healed some very serious diseases, including anxiety disorders,
epilepsy, MS (Multiple Sclerosis), cerebral palsy and cancer.
This young man
healed his stage IV throat, stomach and pancreatic cancer

with cannabis oil. This Australian women
healed her terminal stage IV lung cancer
with it. Wallace
Rose in the video clip above explains how cannabis oil cured
his stage IV pancreatic cancer. It is a fundamental human
right, no matter where you live on the planet, to be able to
access and use whatever medicine you want to heal yourself.
And, thankfully, we are beginning to see that Governments
worldwide will not have the power to stand in the way of this
natural right any longer.

What’s the Difference among Cannabis, Hemp and

First of all, let’s clear up some definitions. Cannabis sativa
is the plant and species; hemp and marijuana are both varieties
or subspecies of it. Marijuana is actually a Spanish slang term
meaning “Mary-Jane”. Marijuana is simply considered to have a
higher THC content than hemp. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is one
of the unique phytonutrients or plant chemicals of cannabis.
However, both hemp and marijuana contain various cannabinoids,
a class of chemicals that activate cell membrane receptors.

A Brief History of the Suppression of Cannabis

To those unfamiliar with the beginning of the United States, it
may come as a shock to learn that hemp was a big part of the
inception. Not only was hemp (in all of its forms) completely
legal, but also it was actually required to be planted by the
early colonists! The Founding Fathers made references to it in
their writings and grew it themselves. It was widely know that
hemp was an incredible plant with a wide variety of uses:
textiles, rope, clothing, paper, fuel, nutrition, medicine and
recreation. So how did hemp fall from such exalted status to
become an illegal “controlled substance”, for which you could
be imprisoned due to mere possession of it?

The answer, as with many of aspects of the global conspiracy,
comes back to the mega rich and powerful ruling elite families,
in this case the Rockefellers. I have written other articles
exposing how the
invented modern (Western) medicine
and created the Big
Pharma cartel as a way to sell their petroleum-based drugs.
John D. Rockefeller had the reputation as a ruthless
businessman who once said, “Competition is sin.” The
prohibition movement of the 1920s to ban alcohol was not really
about making America more pure or morally upright. It was about
the bottom line; Rockefeller wanted to eliminate competition to
oil for fuel for motor-based vehicles. Similarly, the movement
to ban hemp was also an attempt to destroy competition to
oil-based products. Hemp is a powerful competitor to crude oil
in many ways. Thus, the propaganda campaign was launched to
demonized hemp and marijuana by inventing the fake phenomenon
of “reefer madness”. The brainwashing worked and Congress
outlawed the plant in various stages, eventually declaring it a
controlled substance in 1970.

What is Cannabis Oil?

Cannabis oil is not to be confused with hempseed oil, which is
the nutritional oil made from pressing hemp seeds, and is used
as a food not a medicine. Medicinal cannabis oil is made by
gathering large quantities of cannabis leaves from female
plants, using a solvent to strip off some or all of the THC,
and boiling off the excess water to produce a rich, gold or
brown-colored concentrate. Depending on who is making it, the
final product may have little or no THC, the chemical
responsible for getting people “high”. For more information on
one way to prepare cannabis oil, see Rick Simpson’s
Run From The Cur

Science has not yet discovered all of the hundreds or thousands
of cannabis phytonutrients which are responsible for the
healing effects of cannabis oil, but one of the main ones is
CBD (Cannabidiol). Excitingly, CBD is being studied all over
the world as people are beginning to realize its phenomenal
healing benefits. Many
clinical studies
have shown that CBD is a very effective
painkiller – especially for peripheral neuropathy associated
with diabetes, arthritis, MS, cancer and other
neurodegenerative conditions. CBD is especially brilliant
because it prevents and suppresses inflammation. This
means it is both a preventative and curative natural medicine.
Chronic low level inflammation, as you may know, is the hidden
cause of much pain and many diseases, so the potential for
cannabis oil to help a lot of people is huge.

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How Does Cannabis Oil Beat Cancer?

All of the cells in our body have cannabinoid receptor sites,
including cells which have gone rogue and become cancerous. The
brilliant thing about cannabis oil is that its THC and CBD
connect to these cannabinoid receptor sites, causing the cell
to increase ceramide, which then causes apoptosis or cell
death. However, normal cells are unaffected by this, so
cannabis oil is a targeted killer of cancer cells, leaving
healthy cells intact. It reminds my very much of laetrile (or
amygdalin or
Vitamin B17
) which functions in exactly the same way with
cyanide as a targeted killer of cancer. As
Dennis Hill
writes, “Nature has designed the perfect
medicine that fits exactly with our own immune system of
receptors and signaling metabolites to provide rapid and
complete immune response for systemic integrity and metabolic

The Unstoppable Momentum of Cannabis Oil in the US

Due to recent changes in State legislation in 2014, marijuana
is now legal in 20 of the 50 states in the USA. In 2 of these
states (Colorado and Washington), it is fully legalized for
recreational use, with Oregon and Alaska to come, while the
other states or territories require a medical marijuana license
(you can see the
state-by-state details
here). So it has already come a long
way, and will continue to go much further. I predict at one
point it will be legal in all 50 states in the US, and
eventually throughout the world. There is already legislation
pending in other American states, and the US Federal Government
decided in its 2015 spending measure
that it would no
longer allocate funds to the DOJ (Department of Justice) to
enforce marijuana laws. That’s the beginning of the end of
Federal cannabis prohibition!

The Unstoppable Momentum of Cannabis Oil Throughout the

Many countries around the world are leaning towards
legalization, including the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Jamaica,
Mexico, Canada, Spain, Argentina and India, according to this

. Uruguay became the first country in 2013 to fully
legalize cannabis. It is also legal in North Korea, believe it
or not!

The Case of Cannabis Oil Shows the People Have the

Cannabis can have healing effects not just as cannabis oil;
check out this video showing the
power of raw cannabis leaves
too. Truth be told, the

healing power of cannabis has just barely been tapped
. And,
for those who don’t need to use cannabis medicinally, why not
add it to your diet? The nutritional profile of hemp is
unparalleled. Its protein profile is similar to that of human
blood. It contains all 8 essential amino acids, as well as 2
key globulins, albumin and edestin (the latter of which is
found only in hemp seeds). Edestin is so similar to protein
found in the human body that it can actually repair your DNA!
Additionally, hemp seeds contain the essential fatty acids
linoleic acid (omega-6) and alpha-linoleic acid (omega-3) – in
the ideal ratio for optimal health (3:1). These healthy fats
reduce inflammation, boost the immune system and are
responsible for strong and shiny skin, hair and nails. Hemp
seeds have high quantities of iron, magnesium and zinc, and so
combat many ailments resulting from a deficiency in these
minerals. Other benefits of hemp seeds include reducing craving
for junk foods and boosting memory.

The case of cannabis is a further positive indication to me
that the NWO elite, the global conspirators, are not as
powerful as they would like to think. We the people ultimately
have the power, and the truth will ultimately triumph over
lies, just as the powerful medicinal value of cannabis has
outrun and outstripped the propaganda of “reefer madness”.
Sometimes, though, it does take a long time for truth to
prevail …

About the Author:

Makia Freeman is the editor of
The Freedom Articles
and senior researcher at
, writing on many aspects of truth and
freedom, from exposing aspects of the global conspiracy to
suggesting solutions for how humanity can create a new system
of peace and abundance.

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