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Chart for Weight Gain during Pregnancy

Weight gain during pregnancy is very important and a natural process. You can give birth to a healthy child if your weight gain is completely on track.

The biggest effect of pregnancy on women’s body is the weight gain. It is very natural that a woman gains tremendous weight during pregnancy. Therefore if you are worried about the increase in your weight during pregnancy then relax and calm down. Weight gain during pregnancy is a common and an important phase that you will face. Here is a small chart that will help you know a bit more about the weight gain part in your pregnancy.

The weight gain during pregnancy depends on your weight prior to becoming pregnant. Here is how weight is gained during the pregnancy depending on the body type in the prior stage.

  • Women with normal body weight tend to put on up to 25 pounds to 35 pounds.
  • Women who are underweight in the normal conditions need to pull up to about 30 pounds to 40 pounds during the pregnancy.
  • Those women who are over weight need to control their body weight and let it increase not more than 25 pounds when they are pregnant.

Here is a small list indicating the allocation of extra weight during pregnancy.

  • Baby will take up to 7 pounds to 9 pounds of your extra body weight
  • 2 to 3 pounds will be utilized by placenta
  • Again about 3 pounds will be Amniotic fluid
  • The Uterine enlarges up to 5 pounds of your extra body weight
  • Also the volume of blood will increase and will be up to 5 pounds.
  • Another important part of body which enlarges will be the breast. It will increase about a pound.
  • 3 to 4 pounds will be used by the fluid which will be in the maternal tissue.
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This is how the weight gain during pregnancy will be allocated.

  • However in case there is too much or too less weight gain during pregnancy also. Here are few reasons that lead to this change in the chart.
  • When you have too much of fatty beverages or calorie rich junk food then you tend to gain too much of weight during pregnancy. Also milk products, sugary drinks, etc. will add on to your excessive Therefore you need to avoid them.
  • If you are not gaining that high amount of weight then make sure that you have at least 5 to 6 meals on a day. Opt for more of healthy snacks between meals and also non fat milk products. They are very important for you in your weight gain during pregnancy.

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