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Childhood Nutrition Tips

Many families today lead incredibly busy lives. Amid the
hustle and bustle of a chaotic lifestyle, parents may begin to
worry about whether or not their children are receiving
adequate nutrition. Since adequate nutrition is so
important to a child and the child’s ability to grow healthy
and strong, it is not surprising to find parents seeking out
innovative methods of ensuring that children get the right
amount of vitamins and nutrients. While giving a child a
daily vitamin supplement is certainly a positive measure, there
are other things that parents can do to ensure that their child
is getting adequate vitamins and nutrients.

Some children are super picky when it comes to eating and this
can cause a parent great concern. How does a parent get a
child to diversify his or her diet without struggling with the
child? The key is to stick to it and to continue to
introduce healthy foods into the child’s regular
diet. Even if a child seems to prefer the same foods time
and time again, introducing new foods will eventually help the
child in identifying things that he or she enjoys
eating. If choosing to introduce new, healthy meals and
snacks a parent should refrain from overwhelming the child with
too many new or strange foods as well. Children are more
apt to appreciate new food introductions if they are not
constantly seeing something different appear on their

To encourage a desire for new foods, the parent may want to ask
the child to help with creating meals; when a child feels like
they have control over what they are eating, they can begin to
feel better about new food introductions. Children might
also enjoy developing a weekly or monthly meal plan; this will
help the child develop a sense of stability and meal
expectancy, and will further promote quality family time
together with parents. While developing meals and meal
plans the parent can take special time to teach the child about
cooking, nutritional facts, and the parent can also teach the
child about super healthy food choices and selections. To
make meal preparation a complete lesson, the child should also
be encouraged to shop for foods, to cut coupons, and to learn
how to save money on food buying endeavors as well if the child
is old enough to do so. In addition, children can be
taught about healthy snack food selections and how to make
their own healthy snacks.

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Parents concerned about a child’s food intake should also make
every effort to eat together on a consistent
basis. Researchers have proven that family meals and
gatherings are a positive time for children as well as
parents. Sit down meals encourage the intake of adequate
nutrition and families get a better chance to communicate with
one another during meals as well. What’s more, when a
family takes the time to eat meals together, the parent can
monitor what foods a child is eating better, the child develops
excellent manners, and the child is encouraged to openly
socialize with parents and siblings.

Robin Reichert is an AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness
Consultant. She has been studying natural health, wellness,
nutrition, and physical fitness for over 10 years and holds
an MS in Natural Health from Clayton College. She is also
pursuing a personal trainer certification through American
Fitness Professionals and Associates. Her passion is to
educate and empower people to take charge of their health and
fitness. To learn more, please visit Robin’s Wellness
Resource Center at http://www.wellness-bee.com

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