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Colon Cleanse For Health

Yes you can get healthier by doing a colon cleanse. A colon
cleanse works by taking the toxins out of your body, not only
out of your colon, but every cell and tissue in your body will
be detoxified. See the human body is set up to have a bowel
movement about 30 minutes after each mean we eat, however, most
people will only have a movement about two times a week.

This is not good for our body, the fecal matter will sit around
in your colon and continue to build up all the time. As that
waste sits in there bacteria will grow. A few studies were done
in that when a person was autopsied their colons were opened to
find not only dried fecal matter along the walls, but there
were even worms. At times these worms were even as long as six
inches. Knowing that you can see why it’s so important that
every person should get a colon cleanse every so often in their

If not only for that, it’s for your overall health. When your
body begins storing the waste in the colon, the colon will work
harder to get rid of the waste. It will do this by sending that
matter to different areas of the body, including the lungs,
skin, and kidneys. Yes to all those other locations, and how
will these other parts of our body work to clean up something
they aren’t supposed too? Well in different ways, first the
skin will sweat a lot more, but it will be over taxed and not
be able to handle the job, and you will notice that your body
odor may be a lot worse than it used to be. This is because
your body is trying to sweat out that matter.

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With your lungs, they provide you air to breath in and out. But
when this matter is added into the mix, the lungs of course
will work harder to get rid of them. But there is only one way
that the matter can be passed through the system, and that’s
through breathing. Have you ever met someone who has completely
horrid breath? This is one of the main causes to that problem.

Now the kidney is the same way it’s an added function that will
make the kidney work harder. This will affect not only your
kidney functions, but can harm your kidney too. We all know how
important kidneys are too our body. So why not help it out by
getting a colon cleanse.

Clean up your body of all those toxins that will affect you in
so many different ways. Plus you will lose weight too, all that
matter that is sitting around in your colons will flush out of
your body. Some people have lost up to 20 pounds and in some
cases a bit more, it really depends on how much waste is
sitting in your colon. Also when this matter continues to build
up it will harder and make a smaller tunnel for waste to come

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