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Combat Stress but also promote well being using a relaxing chair massage

So how does a chair massage differ for a traditional massage? Aside from the fact that it is done away from the salon, it is a bit shorter than a normal massage but provides the same relaxing benefits. Using a specially designed massage chair, a trained therapist addresses the key areas of stress – neck, back, shoulders and arms – to wipe away the stress of the day. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that in addition to being offered at a traditional massage salon, they are being administered in massage stores, stand-alone kiosks and businesses practically everywhere.

So what are the benefits of a chair massage? First, it is done over the clothing; some people feel uncomfortable with traditional massage techniques that require you to get completely undressed. With the chair massage taking place out in the open, one can avoid the awkwardness they might experience in a salon. Secondly, because the massage is done out in the open, a person can see exactly what it entails by observing others. 
Companies – both small and large – are finding chair massage therapy to be a great enhancement to their existing employee benefits package. Not only does chair massage therapy improve morale and productivity, but many companies are enjoying a substantial reduction in lost money each year via lower productivity, poor morale, absenteeism and the higher cost of health care.

Anyone who has spent their day behind a desk realizes the consequences of workplace fatigue: sore wrists, a stiff neck and tight shoulders, to name a few. If someone is sitting at a work station that is not ergonomically correct – and many are – the result can be tightened muscles which can impede blood flow and create decreased energy, carpal tunnel and mental fogginess. A chair massage is the perfect answer for instant relief at an affordable price.The benefits of bringing chair massage therapy into the workplace for employers include the following.

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A chair massage works for just about everyone … everywhere.The positive effects are immediate; their employees will feel great right away.A chair massage program can be used to complement your company’s other wellness programs.
A chair massage requires no overhead or start-up costs. On the flip side … following are some reasons that employees are embracing the chair massage therapy offered by their company.They experience instant relief from achy, stressed muscles.Their energy level is instantly boosted, resulting in increased motivation.It makes them feel valuable and important to their superiors.A chair massage wipes away the effects of sitting for a long time, doing repetitive tasks.

So … as an employer, employee or just a regular guy, you might wonder what a chair massage does for your wallet. Chair massage sessions are shorter, which translates into a more affordable option for rejuvenating your body and mind. It truly is the ultimate in relaxation for people on the go.

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