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Diabetes Foods to Eat – Eat Without Fear

When you or someone you love is at high risk for developing
diabetes or has already been diagnosed with this nearly
epidemic disease, fear can sometimes take over. That is only
natural, as diabetes does really carry some serious health
risks and increase your chances of developing more health
concerns than those who are not diabetic. One of the major
concerns often becomes what foods to eat; don’t worry, you have
a lot to eat without fear.

Nutritionists and physicians will tell you that any sound
nutritional plan is not really all about making strict lists of
what you can eat and what you can’t eat. It is more about being
aware of what you eat and how those foods are likely to be
metabolized by the body, and having a balanced diet full of
foods rich in fiber and low in calories.

You may have to cut down on sweets, starches, and processed
foods, which may be difficult if you are used to eating a lot
of them, but that does not mean you will suddenly be subjected
to eating only tasteless, yucky foods. You have a lot to eat
without fear.

Vegetables, especially fresh or frozen veggies, are delicious
and provide all sorts of nutritional value. Broccoli has
recently been touted as a blood sugar wonder food, in addition
to all its other benefits, so if you are a fan like I am, you
are in luck. Just about all vegetables are beneficial, like
tomatoes, green beans, cabbages, brussel sprouts, tomatoes,
celery, and the like are great for you.

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Fruits, even though they do have a bit of sugar in them, are
also nutrient dense. You may have to watch which ones you eat,
but you do not need to eliminate tasty fruits from your diet

Protein is important for your muscles, so eating lean meats is
healthy and nutritious. Fish, poultry, and lean beef and pork
should have a spot on your plate. If you prefer not to eat
animals, tofu or some other high protein food will also do

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