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Diet For Candida Overgrowth – What Foods to Eat on a Candida Diet

Are you on a strict diet for candida overgrowth or infection?
If so then today I’ll discuss what types of foods you should be
eating on the diet and what you should be avoiding entirely.
First though I’ll focus on what’s important and that’s what you
will be eating on a regular basis while on the diet program.

-Ok Foods-

1. Vegetables of all kinda are welcome,
however the starchy vegetables such as potatoes must be avoided
as they’ll actually increase the growth of candida in the body.
Always try to eat organic, since your body will already be run
down from the candida overgrowth, the additional pesticides
sprayed on normal vegetables are not ideal. However some
vegetables are better than none if organic isn’t an option,
always keep that in mind.

Eat your vegetables live and un-cooked whenever possible. Buy a
juicer if you haven’t already, the quickest cure for candida is
just juicing vegetables every day while eating garlic as well.
Raw is always better.

2. Lean meats such as wild fish, organic
chicken and organic turkey are acceptable. Red meat such as
organic beef should only be consumed moderately later on in the
diet if necessary. Meats of all kinds while on the diet should
be consumed no more than 3-4 times per week. The focus is on
vegetables for the most part. Early on in the diet fats are
also best avoided, so for this reason meat should be avoided
entirely or minimized during this time.

3. Grains such as quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth,
millet are all ok in serving sizes no more than 2-3 per day.
Then there is brown rice, rye, oats and sprouted wheat which
all fall under a moderate to avoid category depending on how
far along in the program you are. Remember these are all
starchy foods so you can’t depend on these foods to be your

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4. Fruits such as green apples, grapefruit,
lemons and limes are ok in small amounts. Later on in the diet
they can be consumed with more regularity. But for now in the
early stages they should be kept to a minimum.

There you have it, the basic foods you should be focused on
eating while on a diet for candida overgrowth. Always remember,
that if the food is overly starchy or sugary than it’s no good.

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