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Diet For Severe Gerd – What Are Good Foods To Eat With Acid Reflux

A proper diet for severe gerd should obviously be designed to
reduce the amount of acid built up in our stomachs. The basic
definition of gerd is that acid rises up from your stomach
into the oesophagus. Unlike the stomach your oesophagus does
not have an appropriate lining to be able to withstand these
powerful acids and thus, sometimes excruciating pain and
discomfort. The issue is that it is not simply a case of
eating the correct foods. It is about combining the correct
types of foods with the correct type of eating.


Apart from the awful pain caused by gerd is the frustration
of feeling like you can’t eat anything that you like and that
you have to stick to bland and boring food unless you are
prepared to sit up all night taking Tums, Pepto-Bismol,
Zantac, Alka-Seltzer, Pepcid or any of the over the counter
ant acids while grimacing and holding your chest. These
medications are a quick fix and do not get to the root of the


The truth is that it is actually quite simple to find a diet
for severe gerd. What I’ve found is that you can pretty much
eat all of your favourite foods as long as you do not combine
the wrong ones in the same meal. There are three types of
foods as far as our digestive system goes. Foods which go
through our system without needing any digestive juices.
Foods which require stomach acids to digest and foods that
require alkaline digestive enzymes to process them properly.

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When you combine foods that require both alkaline and acid
digestive processes, what happens is that the different
digestive juices neutralise each other and we do not digest
the food properly. Sometimes it can take hours and hours and
this is where problems start to occur.


Your correct diet for severe gerd can include most of your
favourite foods. The secret to curing diverticulitis is not
simply about eating the right foods but about eating them in
the right combinations that allow your body to digest the
food properly and reduce the amount of acid building up. Find
out more. Get Great Taste No Pain NOW at
http://www.achievebetterhealth.info and do what it tells you
to do. You can do it. It is simple.

Eoin McDonnell is an engineer who has suffered from severe
digestive problems for the past 10 years. After several
colonoscopies, 2 barium enemas, 3 specialist consultants,
reflexology, acupuncture allergy tests and lots of
frustration he has built up quite a knowledge of the
disease and wants to impart that information to hopefully
help somebody else with the complaint.

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