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Diet Over 40 Years Of Age and Your Protein Requirements

The general mindset needs to drastically change for someone to have real success with weight loss. It’s not about deprivation and going without, picking away at salads with no dressing and eating boiled chicken. While these foods could make up a portion of your daily intake, many people have reported that when they started eating ‘more’ they achieved goals with weight loss. The key to their success was eating more protein.

When we approach middle age, without proper strength training we can begin to lose muscle mass and our metabolism will start to slow down. Not eating enough will continue to slow down your metabolism and reduce muscle mass. Starvation is now how to maintain your health. Your body is like a furnace, it needs fuel to function. The more you feed it the more effectively it works just like the human body. It’s about eating ‘smarter’ and your food selection. Don’t mindlessly snack on things just because they are there. Learn what a portion is. You’d be surprised as we are conditioned to think the outrages plates of food served to us in the local restaurants are actually a portion? You can also make simple substitutions in your meal planning. Take out the high calorie, high fat and items full of sugar and replace them with something that is a wiser choice. This is about planning, shopping and reading labels. Focus on foods that offer you protein, healthy fats and high fiber. Lean meats, beans, egg whites, and fish are a sample of the high protein foods. Brown rice, whole wheat breads, whole wheat pasta and oats are part of the healthy high fiber family.

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There are obviously going to be times when we are dining out or guests in someone’s home when we don’t have as much control over ‘what’ we are eating. We can still use our better judgment and keep our portions in check, say no to a second helping and perhaps leave some of the buttery or sugary sauce on our plates. Remember it’s not about picking away at the vegetables and having nothing else, load up on the protein. This combined with a good weight routine will yield you an increase in muscle mass and metabolism. You will be effectively burning calories while you’re at rest in time!

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