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Disciplining A Child

There are many helpful tips for child discipline. There is no
one size fits all approach when it comes to your toddler’s
behavior. Even though all children are unique, doctors have
found that some habits and attitudes might be hereditary. So
what works for one child might not necessarily work with

How do you discipline your child? Do you smack them? Do you
yell at them? Do you put them in the corner for time out? The
word “discipline” actually means to teach or instruct. That
should be a big hint for parents. Discipline doesn’t actually
have to be punishment. There is a difference.

Arguing with kids is like a spinning top. It keeps spinning
until you give up, tip over, and say, “Yes” when you want to
say, “No.”Kids push arguments to senseless heights. Be rational
when they’re not, otherwise your discipline will fail.

Effective child discipline involves both teaching discipline to
your child how to develop self discipline, which is prevention,
as well as showing him that his actions result in certain
outcomes and consequences. It’s necessary for your child’s
future that he is taught to take responsibility for his own

Consistency is of the utmost importance in whatever we do. Our
children need to know that we mean what we say and that we say
what we mean. If we don’t do this our children can get confused
and will start to challenge our boundaries more and more often.
This is not good parenting practice.

Boundaries.Children need boundaries so that they know there are
limits to what they can and cannot do. Without boundaries
children can feel lost and lack control.Praise and rewards.
If you praise and reward them for their good behaviour they
will be encouraged to continue behaving well and following your
rules. Praise and rewards can reinforce correct behaviour.
However it is important not to overdo it and reward them too
much as they should learn that they need to do what is expected
of them without being rewarded.

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Don’t Punish Out Of Anger.When your child misbehaves it can be
upsetting especially if you’re in a hurry or tired. It can be
very tempting to punish him out of your anger and feelings.
This is best avoided. Find a way of giving yourself a few
seconds to calm down.

Giving your child this clarity in daily activities is how your
child will become well mannered compared to a toddler’s
schedule that is scattered. Even though you have a schedule,
don’t make everything set in stone. This is the best age for
your child to explore and learn.

Speak kindly and firmly with your child. Form a relaxed body
language and speak in a civilized manner. You are the parent,
the teacher, the model. Give Choices.Make opportunities each
day for your child to have the chance to make choices for
himself. This gives your child more power over his own life and
allows him to learn responsibility. It also saves arguments and
builds into his life self-control which is the results you want
from your discipline and boundaries.

Restraint.A parent should set a good example and be calm and
restrained at all times. It will benefit neither the child nor
the parent if they are unable to control their feelings.
Talking with a firm voice works much better than shouting.

I hope you have found this article useful and the tips help you
overcome any frustrations you may have when disciplining a

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