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Does Your Business Really Need a PBX Phone System?

Upgrading to small business PBX systems is an easy way to increase productivity and lower the cost of doing business. When a company grows and adds more employees it’s time to consider making changes. Companies with 5 or more employees often take advantage of the benefits provided by small business PBX systems. By selecting a VOIP hybrid PBX system, free long distance calls can be placed over the internet.

With small business PBX systems there is no need for a receptionist. The auto attendant feature allows businesses to provide incoming callers with important messages such as directions, hours of business and a short description of the company’s products and services. A menu with touch tone options allows callers to select the department or person they want to talk with. The cost savings achieved with these small business phone systems can be spent on important business factors such as advertising.

Small Business PBX Systems – Phone Lines

With a PBX system, employees share a specific amount of outside phone lines so there is no need for expensive external lines connected to each office telephone. Let’s take a look at other important system features that increase efficiency and significantly improve the professional image of small businesses.

Typical Features of Small Business PBX Systems:

– Auto fax detection in small business PBX systems automatically redirects faxes, which eliminates the need for a dedicated fax line and saves money.
– Automatic route selection automatically matches up specific types of telephone calls with particular telephone lines, such as long distance calls.
– Call cascade in this type of small business system can be set-up to redirect an employee’s incoming calls to co-workers extensions when he is not available. Clients and potential customers reach a friendly company representative and not a voicemail box.
– Call forwarding.
– Call queue in lets the caller leave a message, stay on hold or go back to the auto attendant. Employees are alerted when they have calls in queue waiting for them.
– Conference calls capabilities eliminate spending money on outside sources.
– Dial-by-name directory.
– Interactive voice response.
– Voicemail feature in small business PBX systems eliminates paying a monthly voicemail fee to telephone companies.
– Voice paging system.
– Toll restriction prohibits unnecessary, costly long distance telephone calls by employees.
– Transferring calls.

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VOIP Hybrid PBX System

Businesses that select a VOIP hybrid PBX system can take advantage of placing their calls on the internet and avoid expensive toll charges for calls made all over the world. Employees working from remote locations have access to the company’s telephone system and can utilize softphones to access their voicemail.

The VOIP hybrid system has an advantage over pure VOIP due to utilizing standard telephone lines and high speed internet for making and receiving calls. If the internet service goes down, companies using a VOIP hybrid PBX can avoid the disaster of not being accessible to clients and prospects.

Purchasing small business PBX systems from resellers makes the phone system more affordable. This system will increase employees’ productivity, help the office run smoothly, save money and allow employees to handle callers in a professional manner.

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