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Dog Flatulence. Could it be Caused by an Allergic Reaction

One of the causes of dog flatulence could be that your pet dog has an allergic reaction to something which is causing or contributing to your dog’s gas attacks. If your dog’s flatulence is being brought on by an allergy it could well be due to something in his diet which is affecting his digestion.

If your dog is unable to digest his food properly then flatulence may be a byproduct of digestion problems. If this is the case a well balanced, healthy diet of good quality dog food can assist with your dog’s ability to digest his food which in turn can reduce his flatulence.

If you suspect a your dog may have a food allergy you may be able to quickly figure out what may be causing it by simply stopping to feed him what you suspect may be causing him problems.

A food allergy is not the only form of allergy from which a dog can suffer. In fact a dog can contract all sorts of allergies just like any human can. But how can you spot the warning signs that your dog may have an allergy to something.

Well, the symptoms vary but may include your dog persistently itching a certain patch of his coat, skin discoloration, coughing, being sick and similar. Be alert to any unusual behavior from your dog which may indicate any health issue, not just dog flatulence or an allergic reaction.

As always, if you suspect your dog may have any sort of health problem – an allergy certainly fits in to that category – be sure to consult with your vet. He will be able to offer professional advice and opinion to diagnose the possible allergy and prescribe treatment.

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If the allergy is food related and is causing flatulence in your dog, be certain to mention this to your vet. He will be able to offer specific advice and treatment relating to your dog’s diet which could include cutting out the food suspected of causing the allergy or suggesting a restricted diet designed to weed out exactly what the cause is.

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