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Dog nutrition and food sensitivity

When you bring home a puppy or adult dog and you find his pet
diet appears to be causing him problems; it may be that he is
sensitive or intolerant to certain ingredients in his pet food.

A quality pet diet with a balance of quality ingredients is
ideal for most dogs. However, at times it can be just one
ingredient that can cause a wide variety of doggie health

Real chocolate as a treat is poisonous to dogs, but giving him
chocolate specially manufactured for dogs is acceptable,
although that too could result in a puppy having an upset

Symptoms of food sensitivity:

• A puppy may suddenly become extremely lethargic

• You may recognise your pet’s behaviour is more aggressive
then normal.

• There is evidence of slime and jelly in your puppies or dogs
stool and there is a continual flow of flatulence.

Feed your dog balanced pet food that is full of good quality
ingredients. Try to stay with chicken, corn and rice, and if
your pet is a puppy do not feed your pet cheap dog food that is
likely to upset his digestive system

Avoid giving pet food or treats to your dog without keeping a
pet diet diary. Limit treats to one every other day, and watch
out for any unwanted behavioural changes.

Try this routine for a week before asking your pets vet for his
advice, unless you feel your dog is in need of immediate
veterinary care.

If your puppy or dog appears to be eating well, yet you feel
his pet diet is not contributing to quality dog nutrition, the
food you are giving him may be just fine. He may be sensitive
to one ingredient, a vet will give you information on how to
check him out for food intolerance.

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