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Eat a Dozen Eggs a Day to Skyrocket Your Testosterone and Muscle Gains

Eggs are a very powerful food in general, they are known as a super food, but when it comes to bodybuilding and gaining a lot of muscle mass they are the perfect food to have in your diet. The high protein content and nutrient dense yolk create a perfect food for increasing testosterone levels and gaining muscle.

High protein content

Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can get; the only higher protein source is whey protein. The egg white and egg yolk both contain about the same amount of protein.

Protein is the number one component your muscles need to grow the better the quality the more of it can be absorbed and converted into muscle tissue by your body.

Hormone boosting fats

The egg yolk contains all the fats. Most importantly it contains high amounts of healthy cholesterol. The cholesterol is what will skyrocket your testosterone levels – testosterone is derived from cholesterol. An average egg contains about 200mg of cholesterol. To see noticeable results eat at least 800mg of cholesterol, this equates to about 4 large eggs.

How to eat so many

Cooking a dozen eggs can be time consuming. You can eat eggs both cooked and raw; just make sure either way you eat the whole egg, white and yolk, to reap all the benefits.

When cooking your eggs fry them in coconut oil or butter. Add plenty of fat for scrambled eggs. Boil them or poach them, have them however you prefer.

Add raw eggs to your protein shakes. If you can handle it gulp them down whole on there own.

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Extra nutrition

For extra nutrition mainly from the egg yolk, which should be a bright orange or yellow color, if it is pale it usually means the egg isn’t that good quality. To get the best eggs make sure they are grass fed instead of corn fed. Eat organic, free range eggs. You can even get eggs that are omega 3 rich, these are the ones you will want for the most nutrients.

Aim to eat 4-5 eggs for breakfast. Then maybe a few raw eggs in an afternoon shake and then some more cooked eggs before bed. This will give you optimum results, giving your body a constant supply of protein and fats – for muscle growth and anabolic hormone elevation. Combine this with an intense muscle building workout for amazing gains in muscle mass.

Source by Ben Pickering-Watson

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