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Eating Right Is a Form of Hemorrhoids Treatment

As hemorrhoids is closely related to our digestion and excretion, one can surmise that what we eat is a huge factor in our hemorrhoids treatment. And why would it not be? One of the main causes of swollen hemorrhoids is a strained bowel movement due to unhealthy food intake and a rough digestion. It can also be due to taking the to the toilet at a wrong time. But the food intake would be a bigger factor as compared to wrong timing of the bowel movement.

Well, where food and smooth digestion is concerned, it is always better to go for food and fruits with high fiber in them. Fiber helps with the flow of digestion and also cleans up your stomach as it goes down. Fiber also helps for a soft stool out of you. Hard stools and forcing them out is a reason for the strained bowel movement, and is a cause of hemorrhoids. We have to make our stools soft in order to promote smooth excretion, which will also avoid infecting the hemorrhoid veins and making them swell.

Leafy green vegetables are great examples of healthy food that is rich in fiber and helps with the body’s digestion. Other examples include whole grain products, oats, and fruits like papaya and banana. Papayas and bananas, along with other fruits like mangoes, oranges, and watermelon also helps in softening the stool, allowing for a smooth passage.

Food you eat from fast food chains and take-outs are something you might want to avoid in your healthy diet. These foods can be oily and fatty, and there are those that are hot and spicy. Too much of these can disrupt a smooth digestion, aside from making you fat and unhealthy. Processed foods can make our stool hard and constipation is not uncommon because of them. Take these in moderation if you cannot keep them out completely.

Alcohol and caffeine can also be disastrous to your system. Alcohol dehydrates our body. And it can cause irritation and inflammation to our hemorrhoids. You will have to avoid drinking beer and alcoholic beverages if you want to be hemorrhoids-free. Caffeinated drinks like coffee and soda should also be minimal in our healthy regime. They also decrease what water we have in our body and can dehydrate us. It can also cause inflammation to hemorrhoids. It is best to avoid drinking too much coffee or energy drinks from now on.

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Of course, water is also important in our fiber-rich and smooth digestion diet. Make sure to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. Water obviously helps in cleaning up our system and also softens our stool. We won’t have a difficult time with our bowel movement when we’ve got water on our side. Keep in mind that plain water is different from juices and other drinks. Not all liquids are exactly good for the body. Pure water is the healthy way to go.

Daily excursions also help with a smooth digestion. So go out for a jog or walk and some exercises to improve your diet and assist with your body’s circulation. This is a great complement in your healthy mission to eat right. Staying with this system throughout the remainder of your life can prove to be the greatest hemorrhoids treatment of all.

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