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Enjoying Schoolies Week

If you are a graduating high school student, there is a lot to
anticipate and get excited for. One of the major events capping
graduation would be Schoolies, in which dances and parties are
organized to celebrate your entry into another chapter of your
life. Most events are held in November or early December,
depending on the graduation date of the state you wish to

One of the more popular destinations for Schoolies is
Queensland, where glorious beaches and beautiful hinterland
views await each visitor. Schoolies in Queensland has several
venues for you to choose from. Sun lovers and surfers often
converge to the Gold Coast, where the awesome beaches become
settings for mad beach parties. In fact, Surfers Paradise is
known as the largest single setting for this event and you can
definitely expect to have a great time with your friends and
meet some new ones, as well. Apart from beach parties, open air
concerts and nightclubbing are popular activities in the area.

Another beachfront destination for Schoolies in Queensland
would be the Sunshine Coast. The beaches in the area are also
beautiful, with powdery white sand and clear waters. Schoolies
who arrive to party in this destination will find the
atmosphere casual and laid back, perfect for those who are
looking forward to enjoy their stay after studying hard. What’s
more, Sunshine Coast is also known for shopping and
entertainment. The theme parks and community markets also offer
additional opportunities to have good, clean fun with all your

If you’re looking to spend your nights dancing away, head out
to the Whitsundays and enjoy the dance parties held on Airlie
Beach. For a small fee, you can participate in themed parties
held every night for one straight week. Free entertainment is
also provided by DJs every night for those who want to maximize
on fun yet do not want to spend more than they have to.
Schoolies are also free to go bushwalking and exploring the
beaches during the daytime.

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Schoolies in Queensland is also held on Magnetic Island, where
for a small fee, you can take part in all the activities lined
up for any particular day. Among the activities Schoolies enjoy
during this event include free breakfasts, barbecue parties,
free outdoor movie watching, beach parties, and dance parties
in selected nightclubs. Though the number of participants in
this destination is smaller compared to others, there is
definitely no shortage of things to do and enjoy on Magnetic
Island. Bus transportation is also offered for free.

So now you know the different destinations that you can choose
from for Schoolies throughout Queensland, you can start
planning well ahead of time. Regardless of where you and your
friends are heading, you are surely guaranteed to have a really
memorable time. The Queensland government has also implemented
some statewide measures in order to keep Schoolies safe for its
participants. You would also do well to know about these
measures in advance and make sure to follow them as you indulge
in fun and excitement in any of these exciting destinations.

If you are looking to have a memorable Schoolies time, try
heading out to Schoolies Queensland, where entertainment and
fun awaits you and your friends.

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