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Ethics in Nursing

The nursing profession is considered one of the noblest professions of the day. A well-trained and registered nurse is expected to be the personification of high values and tolerance. He or she is supposed to stand for whatever is right and equitable in terms of faith and in the treatment being given to the patients in accordance to the patient’s full recovery.

The contemporary nursing practice is versatile and spreads across a spectrum of duties and responsibilities. Most of the responsibilities of nurses and professional nursing ethics are not spelt on paper because he or she is expected to emulate the best under any circumstance. The American colleges of nursing are continuously working in this sector.

Somehow, over the past decade, the monetary gains and the associated freebies have corrupted the practice. It is very difficult to narrow down to the do’s and don’ts of the nursing code of ethics, but it is very important to understand the implications involved. There are now numerous cases and issues involving nursing moral and ethical issues under vocational nursing program simply because of the customary ethics involved is somewhat neglected.

There are many nursing medical ethics and values specified within the domain of the nursing profession that could be enumerated, but more important is the awareness and understanding that nursing goes a wider perspective of holistic medicines. The nursing vocation should ideally be the calling of those who understand the evolution of nursing ethics and greatly feel intensely about the social perspective that it entails that goes beyond the call of one’s duty. For example, there are some best nursing programs in the Nursing School Bay Area and other regions to educate and produce such ethically sound professionals.

Health care has placed many pressing demands on the profession and the patients as well. The nurses trained in nursing schools or colleges should ideally be able to stay vigilant and aware of each case in their charges and one’s presence to be felt whenever required. The principles of morality can always be defended by rational argument, but the truth is that certain professions like the registered nurses should adhere to the set of personal standards of the nursing discipline.

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