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Exciting Food Suggestions for Kids

Making kids eat healthy food is a big task every mother goes
through. With kids pre-occupied with play time, TV, and fast
food, it is quite challenging to make them eat food that’s good
for them. However, there are ways to make healthy food pleasant
for kids instead of boring. Here are some suggestions on how
and what you can serve them as snacks.


-Use fun plates – Presentation will really make a huge impact
if you want your kids to eat healthier and in a fun way. There
are different plate designs that can disguise the healthy food
and make it look more exciting for the kids. Colorful plates
and those that are shaped like Santa’s face or their favorite
cartoon character can distract the kids and make the food look
more exciting.


-Have healthy dips – Instead of chocolate or other dips that
are heavy on sugar or oil, you can use yogurt instead as dip
for fruits or vegetables. You can serve it as well in a cute
bowl and use the garnishing as added decorations such as the
carrots, parsley or raisins to make a smiling face on top of
the yogurt.


-Add whole grain goodness – Put whole grain or oats in your
cookie recipe. Use this trick if you want to sneak a little
goodness in the cookies without them totally noticing it.


-Use special cookie cutters – Cut your cookies in funny animal
shapes, alphabet or seasonal shapes such as leaves or a
snowman. You can purchase special cookie cutters from your
local bakery supply store or you can simply make one your own.
You can create cookie shapes that are fun as they are exactly
what your kids want – whether a cartoon character or animal

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-Make pita sandwiches – The usual sandwich will definitely look
boring over time for kids, and to make it exciting, use pita
wraps instead. Kids will have fun eating them and will enjoy
having them over and over again. There are whole wheat pita
breads available that you can use as well and they are of
course healthier and the texture will be an exciting twist as


-Veggie pizza – A veggie pizza may seem boring, but if they
have fun making it, they will have fun eating their very own
creation as well. Prepare cut out pieces of vegetables that you
want them to have in their pizza. Then place them in small
bowls, prepare the other ingredients, and call them your
‘little chefs’ as they spread, top, and layer their very own
pizza snack. This can be a good bonding time for the family as
well while at the same time, they get to appreciate the work
you do in the kitchen while getting to eat something healthy as


Even just changing the presentation of the food can make a lot
of difference. Try to think of the things you would have wanted
to eat when you were a kid, and now give it a healthier twist.
There are many ways to serve food that’s both healthy and fun
for kids.

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