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False Advertisements on Food Labels

If you have been to the grocery store lately, you know that you can’t walk by an isle without reading such labels as “enriched,” “fortified,” “natural,” “Organically grown,” etc. However, these types of product labels are often misleading and false. As a consumer, it is important to explore both sides of the product packaging and to be aware of false food labeling. There are certain key words which we can comfortably trust when it comes down to healthy eating, being aware of what these words are is the key to buying the best products out there.

The first group of words which we have to be cautious of include: “fortified,” “enriched,” “added,” “extra,” and “plus.” This could easily mean that certain beneficial nutrients and minerals may have been removed and vitamins were added during the processing. So try to look for foods which are labeled “100% whole,” “high fiber,” and “low sugar.” As far as drinks are concerned, do not buy a product just because it says “fruit drink” on it. There could be little or no real juice in the bottle. Instead look for labels which state “100% fruit juice.” Another key phrase to be aware of is “made with.” Just because a product states that it’s made with something it does not mean that it contains 100% of that ingredient.  So try to look for products that state “whole” or “100%.”

Another food label that we are easily fooled by is “natural.” This is often misleading because the company may have started out with a natural product, but after it has been processed it is anything but natural. So try to find products that state “100% all natural” or “no preservatives.” And as far as organics are concerned, look for “certified organically grown” on the packaging.  So the next time you go to the supermarket, be a smart shopper and read the food labels carefully.

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